Saturday, June 6, 2009

And I lost count.

And I lost count
On how many things that
I want to pen down
On how many places that
I forgot to go around
On how many people that
I made them frown.

And I lost sight
Of the things that
I aimed for
Of the stuff that
I looked for
Of the people that
I should go for.

And I lost confidence
In my own abilities
In my own capabilities
In my own prophecies
In my own destinies.

But I know
That I would go on
That I would fight on
That I would stand up
That I would not give up
For what I believe
And for those that know
of what I want to achieve.



izzyzatt said...

come on.... i thot it is only me who is THIS emo...hey,b strong mate~


Musica said...

you be strong! hehe

I wrote it after I read something somewhere... hahahaha

Doesn't mean it's about me girl! ^_^