Saturday, May 30, 2009

And today is the day!

It was the graduation day today for the Malaysian Teacher Training Institute International Languages Campus, formerly known as International Languages Teacher Training Institute.

Us Cohort 2 had the chance to feel proud of what we have done since June 2003 up until December 2008. We went through ups and downs, left and right, light side and dark side and all other stuff life as a student has to offer. And those became such precious memories.

Bonds were forged and broken and repaired that some would last an eternity.

And today, it's a happy day. It's a sad day. It's the day. The day where finally we were officially left the college. Where we officially became free of it. Yet, truth be told, we wont.

I met my brothers there on the Friday morning, having breakfast together with about half of them. It was a great time, catching up, bitching, smoking and laughing at old times and school experiences. And we had fun watching movies, being late for a briefing in the college ONE LAST TIME, and staying up late talking and having trouble waking up for the DAY.

The ceremony went smoothly and there's couple of times where I felt like I could not hold my tears. The songs that were sang to us, well, some of it, were indeed brought back lots of thoughts and memories of the years spent together with the brothers. And of course Fatima Anne's speech was marvelous! I was really touched by her choice of words, how she described our journey as a cohort, how she thanked the people that had shaped us into who we are and how she managed to have my eyes flooded.

Seeing old faces of seniors, lecturers, juniors and yeah, my sisters, gave me a wonderful feeling and yet it was heart breaking.

I had to left early for JB.
I had to left early for work.
I had to left early and miss the chance to take pictures with the brothers, one final time in IPBA, with all being present.
I had to left early and miss the chance to stay longer with everyone.
I had to left early from the moment of spending time those that matters to me, knowing that I might not see them again soon or forever.

* * *

As I drove back to JB, doing 140, tears rolled down my cheeks. I already miss them. I miss them a lot! And I miss the chance to spend (might be) the last time we had dinner together. I miss the chance to properly say good byes to each one of them. Shit. I can't take this anymore.

I'm out.


Julie said...

hey, dun be too sad.
there will be another day, wut..
take care of urself..
i miss the old funny nasrul...

ah^kam_koko' said...

It's sad to think that someone who wants to be with the bros so much cannot when some other ppl take it for granted with lame ass excuses.

The dinner will go on.
We shall have a minute of silence to remember those of us who are not there.

Miss you, bro!

Musica said...

Maybe~ ^_^
Will do sis
I was funny before? Din realize that hahaha!

I want Pics!! lol

Musica said...

Koko, tanx..

Shim got it worse than me.. He was ridiculed and kinda outcasted, yet he still do his job.... If I were him, I'll pack up and leave..

najibu said...

yeah.. the choir get my eyes all watery at point too