Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sky is Crying

When the favourite part is bruised
Just when the ship is about to cruise
the ocean of stars and moons and it became loose
Losing the composure, losing the insanity
From the calm to vanity
Would even questions one's reliability
of holding on to the promise of security
and the ability of being the evergreen entity

The sky is crying, Earth momma's weeping
The land is terrorizing, trying to stop the fantasizing.

Trying the very best to recite
This feeling of being like shite
The urge to fight
Couldn't be fought but managed to be sought after
Grinding these stones into powder
and blow it all and let it scatter

It might not be the gold dust
Not even the worldly lust
Not the magical trust
Nor the dreamer's frustration
Just another imagination
That it will leave, full of anticipation
That it would be ok, that it'd be fine
to thread this thin line
They say tonight we dine
in hell, heck I don't mind

Told you don't wake me up when it ends
September is just a dance
Endless Waltz where hope ascends
To the crying sky, the weeping momma
Avoiding reality embracing the dogma
Maybe not, maybe to the magma
Of the terrorized land
So as to understand
Rocks to sand
Why would it be that part
That's bruised and bruised hard
was my favourite part.

The sky is crying, Earth momma's weeping
The land is terrorizing, trying to stop the fantasizing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magical Dreamer

Blazing through the soft light
The cloudy sky just couldn't give a fight
for the glare of the big red
He just need someone to spread the red carpet.
Under the mundane view
Listening to the song on radio
Pondering to Linkin Park's
Wondering into the farce
Trying to find the place where he belongs
Maybe in her arms, maybe in the song.
But any song won't last a day
Any season won't even stay
Even the greatest of heart would sway

When the moon comes out of his hiding place
The moths would flutter to his eternal grace
Carrying along the glowing dust
To spread the magic, spread some trust
into the magical dreamer's sleep
for a dream worthy to keep.

Even the magical dreamer would be lost
Even the dreamer would be tossed
around and around
and flung onto the ground
to have a reality check
to be awoken from the dream and get back
to the real world.


As I sat there by the beach, watching the sunset I could not predict that the sunset would somehow symbolizes my feelings of this long vacation, as I might called it, and how I feel as it is about to end.

It was crimson with the roundness of the sun of the dusk started to submerge into the straits of Malacca. As slowly as it was trying to do that, the clouds marched towards the big red and covered the rays in its tight grip. The sea, a peaceful being, tried to strike a balance between these two wonders of nature, but it couldn't help but being the third entity in this struggle. The sea was painted half crimson and half azure. With a peck on the cheek, a fine line between the two colours was born, separating them beautifully.

September has been good to me. Its like the stars have been lining up one by one to bless me with great luck and joy. But with a great virtue, comes the great despair.

Each day was eventful.
Each day was unforgettable.
Each day was emotional.

I found myself, and I lost it again.
I found truth, and covered a lie.
I found rules, and broke it into pieces.

Sometimes I wonder, how would it be if this long vacation is my last.
Would I be forgotten?
Or would I be remembered?
Would I be praised?
Or would I be condemned?
Would I be loved?
Or would I be detested?

What I wished for this whole vacation is not to be forgotten. I feel like I'd be a tiny microscopic memory that would vanish by a gust of wind.

I've seen signs. The signs of what humans feared all their life.
But I'm not sure if the sign is meant for me.
And I'm hoping that I misinterpret the signs brought down to me.
Yeah, you could call me a pussy, yellow, chicken and shit. But trying hard to conceal this feeling with a mask of confidence, laughter, joy and content, I'm still afraid. Only baby boy would know how I felt.
Only he would know how I feel.
Maybe only he could see how I would've been seen.

You know, it's a shitty feelings.

But, as long as this blog is still being written and read, I won't ever forget this long vacation. I won't ever trade it for another one. And I won't ever leave it behind. Ever.

As I had honest fun times. I had moments worthy to be engraved on a stone that would lasts millenia. I had the best company, the best atmosphere and the best life I've ever had. And thank you for making it happen for me.

And as I stand there, wathing the big red sinks into the straits of Malacca, so does this long vacation coming to an end. The azure crimson sea slowly turns dark, into the unknown future, providing uncertainties, possibilities and responsibilities. And I hope I'm ready when the moon rises.

Don't wake me up when September ends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rules of Escorting

For you people out there who aspires to be a male escort, or wrongly known as gigolo, these are the rules that I've created. Bear in mind that it should be read with an open mind as I wrote this based from my research, observations and experiences.

1. The most important thing for a male escort is NOT TO FALL IN LOVE with the clients! Dont ask me why, figure it out yourself. Well, you cant? If you fall in love with the client, that means the end of your escorting career. U need to stop when u fall in love. Pursue your love. Enough said?

2. Only do things that they allow you to do. Don't be disrespectful. Your clients look after escorts to have a secure pampering, not to be taken advantage of. You will only dirty the profession.

3. Make sure you make an arrangement or a deal before you accept the client. And make sure they agree on the arrangement. An example is when to bail, or how long the duration is.

4. Keep in mind that a male escort is an escort. You became the escort. You became the shoulder they need to cry on to, the ear they need to talk to. You need to comfort them, pamper them and show them the rainbows of life. Your clients look for you to get help. And you need to help them. Its not becoming a male prostitute whatsoever. Its to help others.

5. Last rule for the moment of this entry, you need to be strong. Escorting can be hard, emotionally, and some times, physically when things gets bad. You need to be prepared for the end of the arranged session, or a deal u made with the client. And make sure to keep your mind switched on all the time. Some clients would refuse to let you go, some would leave by themselves. So, again, make sure you are strong to handle it.

p/s: What ever you think about this, I cbf with it... I'm soo bored of not being able to sleep...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Behind the steering wheel

Behind this steering wheel
Realized how much this car feel
From what I reel
into the car, onto the wheels
Paving my own road,
crossing the borderlines of limited limits
Under the somber sky the green boy rushes to push it limits
Trying to figure out, trying to get it.
Clouds rumbling, thunders crackling and the sky crying
The wretched soul keeps on blasting
the radio to its max, peeling of the wax
Not for any mile gain, not for profits.
Who had been the copilots?
A,B,C or D?
How he get into the autopilot?
No he cant do that, not without me.
Blazing through the highway
They tried to leave the past miles away
But none cant stop the heart's sway
From the tar's colours to ancient grey

Behind this steering wheel
Emotions ran high, sunk low
Careful there boy, you might blow
up, And keeps your heads up
Let the volume get up and high
Let others sigh of your tries
Make them envy of green
Paint your name all over the screen
Pull out their spleen
And show them how much u worth
Ride the wind all over the earth

Never forget tho boy
Who is the creator of the ploy
Who drove u the way you're going
And let you amaze others and be their king.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A lion gotta check the kingdom once in a while..

Happy celebrating Eid ul-Fitr!

This year, spent the first day of Eid with my family and frens...


Well, Selamat Hari Raya from me, Musica, D n Bro..

p/s: gonna have a photoshoot somewhere this week, anticipate fer it yeah?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I think I was destined to be a lion.

Fate so far has been written for me to stalk the savanna alone.

And alone I'll be for this festive season.

I love it!

Selamat Hari Raya

I just got back home....

I started my journey at 4 pm... planned to go after midnite tho.
As I started to warm up the engine, the sky suddenly had a nervous breakdown and cried a river. I could only see about 3 meters in front.

The highway was okay up until Kulai, where cars started to slow down and from 120, I went on 80. It was hard driving in the rain. As I was listening to Jules and Prem chatters, the car in front suddenly stepped on the brakes. In split second, I stepped on mine, but the car still moves on 80. In trying hard to get frictions, I turn the wheels left and right, much to my surprise, the tyres were still going straight! I didnt want to pull the handbrake coz the car will swerve to the side and might get hit by the cars from the next lane... But, as the car in front was nearing, I decided to pull it. However, the car managed to stop before I pull it, an inch or two from the car in front. The atmosphere of safety didnt arrived yet as the cars behind me were speeding too and tried to stop too.. But they managed to get to the slow lane and yeah, I'm saved. Again by the little green Kelisa. Slowly, I went to the slow lane and my left leg couldnt help but to shake every time I place it on the clutch pedal. Took an hour or so to calm it down.

But driving in the slow lane sucks. Lorries were driving fast on the emergency lane, almost hit me twice, and yeah, old rich farts in their BMW and Benz did that too! Curse u and ur wealth!

Just look at that! And yeah, the lorry was on the emergency lane too! Before I showered him with my uber annoying honking! ^_^

I RnR-ed at Machap before continuing the journey and thank god the journey was smooth after Pagoh.

Seriously, the Singaporean drivers were good, better than Malaysian drivers.


On a side note, I've been trying to solve this sudoku puzzle for weeks.
Wanna have a go at it?
Lemme look at the pic of the solved ones once ur done yeah?

p/s: I know, taking pictures while driving is dangerous.. but the car wasnt moving at the time... ^_^

Friday, September 11, 2009

How I wish

How I wish I have the courage to rap and to make music. And maybe the talent too.
U see I got jealous of this guy who is younger 2 years from me, called Caprice. He has his own recording company and a studio!

He started to write poems first and then moved on to be on the level with Joe Flizzow and Malique. Seriously, none other Malaysian rappers could go on the same level with them 2 after Too Phat.. Well, Ahli Fiqir wouldnt count wont they coz they're mixed nationalities.

Anyway, try to find or google Fantasy Girl by Caprice, u'll understand what I mean. Its just so international type of piece. Caprice my man, respect!

oh yeah, he's into Eminem too..

check out this link:

She’s a star in every scene,
Nothing ever gets between us,
My Fantasy Girl (come play with me)
Dancing to me in her janes,
Nothing ever gets between us,
My Fantasy Girl (come play with me)