Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest In PEACE!!!

OMG! I'm so fucked up now.
Since prac started, havent been updating this blog at all. Not that I dont want to write, but I'm so super busy with prac that I rarely have time for my self. These shits in my life just make me so fucked up!

Been sleeping for 3 hours a day average. At first school sucks but later, the school is one of the best things happening to me atm. Will blog about school when I finished prac late september.

Mood for tonite is just confused. I'm feel like I'm mad about something but I do not know what it is. Or even if I should be mad about it.


I'm just fucked up. I want a peace. I want a rest. I want to get away from all this.
Some one please just kill me.