Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Share the love!!

p/s: Now Santa, cant u see that I'm being nice?

The Baby In The Cot

The baby in the cot
Is naive and pure
Unknown of the minds that rot around him

Others' pains, he wont know about it
As the protective cot
Shields him from smears and stains

The baby would sleep all day
Inviting 'Oooohs' and 'Aaahs'
And in the cot he'll always lay

Tossing and turning not knowing
Being in the cot is a good thing
Purifying others, being a baby, he is calming.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bury by Pay Money To My Pain

Something's changing inside of me
I need to write down before I
Forget you never told me, you're alone

Fury and anger breaks me down
I'm so stuck and I can't get out
But I can only, hate you
(hate you)...

Can't you feel me
Can't you love me
Even if you hurt me

I still remember about your scars
I could understand, stand aside

Wanted something I can't take
I'll be stronger once again
Don't worry about me trust me
Please trust me now

Now, I have to see it
This is for my love
Open this heart and my mind
Let me believe

Now, I have to listen again
This is for my love
Remember why I'm still in here
'Cause it's all for you

One more time help me sing again (yeah)
You can hurt me, I'll still be the same
When it's something I can't take (yeah)

I'll be stronger once again...
I need you to end my every worry
Taking time is it for...

You can hurt me down
(You can hurt me down)
Ill give you my love
You are good as you are
(for..)(what should I do)
(for..)(what should I do)

I will give myself for you
(should I stay this way)
(should I leave you)
You can live your own life for you
It's all for you...

Great song from the One Outs anime.

The Lotus Eater

I am Thomas Wilson. I planned to live until I'm 40. But I'm not Thomas Wilson. He planned it carefully, about his financial, about his life, about everything. Me, I didn't plan.

People say I'm not serious about my life.

Not that I'm not serious about my life. I got plans for the future.

But I guess I'm not that strong willed to commence my plan.

And I've been facing lotsa situations, environments and conditions (you can say I'm traumatized about this) that tells me money is not everything. And the Thomas Wilson in me somewhat tells me to live the life in the present. Yah, its not good, I know.

But money is everything.

Guess I need to molt.


I hate this feeling.

Sometimes I just wish that I could be Pearl Valen and go on an adventure on the lands of Cantha, Elona and Tyria for real.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eton is a cow!!

Dont believe it?

Watch this!!

Cows eat grass...
Eton eat grass...
Thus Eton = Cow

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nieces day out

Been a while since I went back home and meet the girls. So the moment I reached Seremban, I decided to take my nieces out just for a walk around Jusco. The girls were exited to be with their super handsome-cute-and-good-hearted-unca~ ^_^

Aren't they cute?