Monday, June 22, 2009


Tanx to Norzie, I get to eat my first durians this year! And it's for free!
Reminds me tho about those 2 years abroad and not eating this thorny fruit.
Reminds me too of last year, where we bought durians and each of the brothers got one!
Reminds me also of how Shoel ate durians. Funny Eton doesn't like it.

Talking of Eton, now, after school hols, every morning at 6.30 to 7, she will wake me up, just to make sure I put her food in the container. She won't eat it until around 9 or so. Weird girl.

And a public apology to both Najib and Soya for not attending their wedding. I just couldn't not get out of school that day and I promise I'll make it up to u both somehow.


soyasofya said...

no worries. lets meet up sometime during the break. take care =)

i r r i n a said...


Musica said...

Soya, okie!

irrina, durian yeye!

The Laydee said...

bebile free, aku dtg bw tempoyak plk ye :)