Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Madah Di Tengah Malam Buta

Setajam-tajam duri dan sekeras-keras kulit durian, ade je alur yang lembut untuk di tusuk.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


You know, human doodles. Do not ever tell me that you haven't doodled even a doodle in your life. Don't lie.

Anyway, these here are the doodles that I doodled back during the KISSM course last year. Guess I was super bored eh? ^_^

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Talents Show 2009

Today, the afternoon session held the Little Talents show for the kids, to let them have some fun showing off their hidden artistic talents (as well as to finish up the remaining money set aside for the afternoon session). It was held to make it similar to the Idol shows. We even have our own juries, we have our own enthusiastic crowd of audiences, and we have a great host too! One that can rival Seacrest imo.

We chose 17 out of tens of applicants yesterday and yeah, the idea was them to dress up, sing with the help of karaoke CDs and sing with emotions!!

Let the pics say it all!!
Just look at the crowds!!

The contestants gets to wear fancy outfits and yes, get to have make ups too! ( A real big deal for them!!)

Just look at their performance!! These are future idols in the making!!

And the judges are having the best and the worst of times deciding for the winner.

And here's the final 3!

And the winner is......

But, the best performance award goes to....

Siti Noor Hidayah!
Congrats darling!

There you are. Thus ends the Little Talent Show 2009. And here's the encore!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Achievement of the day.

3 Cemerlang holds the most notorious year 3 kids and I teach them English and Science.
About 15 or so has to go for a special reading, writing and counting class and 1 of them was sent to the special kids class. They could not read and write well in their first language thus teaching, doing activities and understanding English are tough jobs for me and for them. Not to mention, class control is considered as the battle of the day, where you might end up broken and bruised. They speak foul language, had really weird cases, they fights, they lie, they ignore authority and they are kids being kids.

After months teaching these kids, I have been dreaded and hated Tuesdays where I have to teach them 4 periods straight, an hour of English, followed by an hour of Science. Tuesdays are the days I lost my voice, my temper and my charm (I think). I've been a marksman, trained by throwing marker pens to the spot exactly next to the kids to make sure they behave and pay attention. Some hit their songkok, some hit their pencil case. And at the start of each class, I'd arrange the empty marker pens on the table. So as to be a sign for the kids that I'm ready for their misbehaviourism. And its because of this class I started to carry along a short cane. Not that I cane them everyday, just for special cases such as fist fighting.

And kids being kids, they tend to get immuned by the cane-waving-action. They made a sport out of it by trying to evade it. They even raced to get the thrown marker pens and give it back to me. And all were accompanied by giggles and laughters and snickers pointed at me, for failing to hit them.

Truth be told, most of the kids in this class came from broken family, or ignored, or has a hard life at home. Parents work from dawn till midnite, dad in jail, mum passed away and so on and so on. Their immediate environment consists of law breakers, gangsters, drug addict and such. Thus the reason them being them. Monkey see, monkey do.

Today, after an hour long meeting, still tired from the 3 days camp that ended on Saturday, hungry and dreaded the fact that I have class until 2.30pm, before I get to eat something, I entered the class. Facial expression set to mean machine mode. I got them to stand up, asked for their home work given while I was away (yes, despite post-end-of-the-year-exam, we still have to teach so that the kids would be ready for the next year). Gave them a few minutes of lecture for not finishing up my homework, I told them that for the class today they need to finish up their activity book. And I added that those who does not do what I ask, they will receive the appropriate reward. I said that while waving my cane in the air.

And they started to do their work. Even the most notorious kid was doing it. He even work as a pair with his partner in crime to finish up the work.

And to my amazement, the kids were so behaving while I was in the next class for about 10 to 20 minutes. The noisiest class in the afternoon session was so silent that I thought something was wrong. You can only hear murmurs of discussion of the work.

And before the class ended, I applauded them. And during Science at the end of the day, I let them watch Ironman, broadcasted from my laptop in the computer lab.

Achievement of the day: 3 Cemerlang behaved!

p/s: The naughtiest kid in the class wants to watch Doraemon instead of the Ironman...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Action, Reaction"

People, or I'd rather say humans are a dynamic creature..

wouldn't you agree?

A stimulus, would always invites reactions from these humans.

"Action, reaction. Action, reaction", like a weird guy I met in Brisbane would say everytime i met him.... yes, EVERYTIME.

* * *

A colleague said to me today, for a guy to make sure a girl is true and honest to you, borrow from her a sum of money, and keep doing so, until u've borrowed 2K from her.. and IF she did lend u the money, she's for the keeps. And make sure you pay her back when your heart is at ease..

I beg to differ.

Past experience had taught me that it wont be the case.

"Action, reaction"

* * *

A rivalry in the office would lead to a hypocritical atmosphere. And when the rival left, all hell will break loose, provided the rivalry is of the higher ups.

And gave me an extra head ache to deal with.

"Action, reaction"

* * *

Despite the beliefs of some, despite the symbolization of the fashion worn, some people would always be the one they aspire or believe they aren't, consciously or unconsciously. And thus proving how strong or how weak their determination or their beliefs.

"Action, reaction"