Saturday, July 25, 2009

And today..

It was a hectic day. Woke up at 7.30, had to be in school by 7.30... hahaha
Rushed to school for co curricular activities and stayed there until about 1.30... Head back home and discovered that I should get a haircut, thus the chance to see Jessie for the 3rd time.

But I went home to catch some sleep then woke up to Eton's pestering for me to play with her. So I did.

Well, went to the saloon, catched up with her, flirted with her and got rejected by her for the 3rd time. LOL

Her reason was that she's too old to bear me child. Well, funny thing is, I didn't expect to have a child with her. Well, she is like 10 years older than me. Ah well, its just that I enjoy having a chat with her once in a while and it will always end up me flirting with her, and she played along then rejected me.

Well, its one of the way for me to relax my mind. And making sure that the hair cutting session lively and not dull and boring.

I know it's a corny face, but bear with it... I'm alone at home and nobody to pose with.... so, yeah.. just wanna show you the hair of mine that never managed to be spiked or even stands.... ^_^
Tanx Jess!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking the mirror

it still
b - r - o - k - e - n

In Silence

When promises are broken
In silence
When the three years fade
In silence
When hope is lost
In silence
When dreams shattered
In silence
He wondered and pondered
In silence
And silently he walked off
In silence

Monday, July 20, 2009

I've decided....

After numerous days of tense and agony, which won't be over soon, I've decided.

I've decided that I will start to write.


6 to 7 years ago, I decided to be a writer. And funny thing is, I didn't apply for any creative writing courses or even take any subjects available of said field. I even planned a lengthy fantasy genre starting 8 years ago. But I never got it through past the prologue. Well, it's still safe in my hands. This is to say, after years and years of holding it on, I'm going to start to write again, maybe not to continue what I left before, but a new different genre. Part biography, part fiction. I already outlined what I'm going to write. And truth be told I can't predict when will I finish it. But I will write.

And yeah, I'm in the middle of writing few rhymes. But nothing seems to be worthy of being published here yet. I need to touch em up over and over again.

Ah well, wish me luck. I need to publish something fast to get out of this weird system.

Friday, July 10, 2009



I discovered Eton's dislikes! It's hug and bad smell! That includes durians'!!!

And she likes wet food, moving little objects and a room for herself equipped with a queen sized bed!

Monday, July 6, 2009

And I'm touched.

For those who knew about my stint last week, they should know how deep the shit I'm in this week.

Well today, I went to school, and straight away head to the GB's room, expecting to be lectured for hours. And she didn't.

As I walked around the school getting my chores for the day completed, no one gave me a lecture, except for few stabbing glances.

But when I sat with my closest colleague, I was lectured for my stint last week. Not only that he gave me hard cold reasons why he did so and why I shouldn't have done that. Truth be told, I was not pissed off as I might usually do. But I was touched. Of all 60+ people working in the school, only 3 of them that I know who really cared for me. And yeah, they helped me, they helped me a lot.

Well, to some I might've acted immaturely but through this, I could see that my future is not in government schools and that there are few who that surpasses the colleague relationship even though they kept on saying things about being a family or what not.

Ah well, hope the light out there is bright enough.

I can see light

Finally after numerous resume and CV sent, I got a call.

Kolej Lagenda in Mantin, one of the first institution that I applied to, gave me a call asking for further details on my application and explained that they might consider me despite my lack of Masters degree, as they are planning to do a foundation course.

Fingers crossed, prayers sent.

Do that for me too okay!

I really hope that I can be back in the land of my birth.