Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deja Vu

Album cover stolen from wiki.

Been 5 years since Encore. And now Eminem released Relapse, which the single 'We Made You' is album-ed. Pardon my language. ^_^

But as usual, everytime I bought a CD, I will most likely love the song that might not be released as a single. Likewise, in this album, Deja Vu, and Beautiful caught my ears. ^_^

I bought all Eminem only albums available in Malaysia and yeah, listening to them inspires me to rhyme more. Even though I listen and downloaded songs onto my lappy, only Eminem's and Evanescence's that I will buy. Dunno why, don't ask me. ^_^

Try to look for the songs I mentioned and u'll understand why I like these songs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

When Eton wakes up...

Eton has improved her ways of sleep. She now prefer a company (namely me), a bed (or whatever more comfy than marble tiles) and yeah, a blanket. As of late, I'd often wakes up to her snoozing next to me every morning, that is if she did not wakes me up first with her constant nags.

Just look at those sleepy eyes... I woke her up just to get revenge!
And she'll nags at me again, in return.

Well, if we're back in Seremban, she'll prefer this little penthouse of hers.

That is, if she couldnt get a share of my blanket.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


U know, we all had at least 1 teacher we had a crush on...

Being a teacher, u can't help but to be one.
My kids, mostly 9, they're really a fun lot!
At least 1 or 2 from each Year 3 class has shown, in some manner, that they have a crush on me.

The easiest is being jealous when I talk to their rival in class.

Some gave me long stare, and when I noticed it, they returned it with their sweetest smile.

But some, they compete for my attention by giving me chocs, as the ones shown above. They will try to give me more expensive choc or lollies than their rival's and its been going on for weeks now. I always got chocs everyday, the cheapest is Apollo. ^_^

But, one girl gave me a couple of seashells that's really perfect, no flaw or scratch whatsoever. And even though the shells are quite small, you can hear the sound of the ocean from each of it. I wonder where did she got them shells.

I guess this is the joy of being a single guy teacher eh?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That Little Boy

You'll never know that little boy,
His eyes bright,
his teeth white.
He's having fun,
taking everything delight.
He's dark and plump
and he ain't Forrest Gump.
That little boy had only seen nine
yet to him everything seems fine.
Tantrum he throws, laughter he shows
and bits by bits he grows.

Changed he did, that little boy,
When a person precious was taken.
He got down, he got up
His current mood, you better not be mistaken.
His shirt got marks, patches and spots,
All came from his own sweaty dots.
And dirt, smudge and stain too
And he knows that there wont be anyone he wants to sue.

Riding his bicycle with his little brother chasing after
So he stopped, and wait and tried to be a big brother.
It was a teary scene to look at
More teary than a stuck and dead bat.
Wait until you see his house floor
A squatter with a gate made from bathroom doors.

It was raining one day
I gave him a cap to play
And gave the lil bro a ride back home
just to see how he waited
and waited for the lil guy, alone.
What he lacks in his life is a figure of maternal
but his love for his little brother, eternal.
That little boy doesn't care
about shirts, shorts and fair.
All he knows is his innocence
and taking care of his little partner, he is competence.

And what I wrote here is true
And I hope you can see his life too
How he became older than he should be
More than an adult that you could see
I guess from the heaven the mother, behind the clouds
Watching over that little boy, proud.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Battle Stations

Got a sweet revenge by a fellow clan member.

This Black Beary guy had been sniping me to death.....

Watch the sweet revenge here.

Friday, August 7, 2009


The pic above was stolen without permission here.

Its an irony when humans lost their value in humanity.

As of the 7th of August 2008, 8:00 am, there are 15 death cases reported. Yeah, everyday, the death toll due to the swine flu keeps on increasing. Okay, lets not look at the death toll. Look at the reported cases, which is 1525. Do we know that there are a lot of other cases classified as A(H1N1) suspects that were not recorded? Let us think, among those 15 deaths, how many that it were verified of the swine flu after the death?

There's the prologue. And for the content, let us talk about my adventure of being the head of the teachers-on-duty this week. One of the chores that I had to do is to get the percentage of attendance for the afternoon session everyday this week. On Wednesday, about 43 pupils did not attend school due to fever, about 6 had to be sent back home. Thursday, 54 absentees from 340 afternoon session pupils and 5 had to be sent home. Today, 60 absentees and 1 had to be sent home. The numbers are increasing, and from a reliable sources, as of Tuesday, the average of attendance for this whole town is about 80% of pupils and students. The reason? Fever with A(H1N1) symptoms..

These kids were sent to the hospitals and clinics but were sent back home as their temperature were below 40 degrees. Their given prescriptions? Paracetamols and Panadols.

You see, the procedure is, if a kid is ill and is in the school, the school (the teacher on duty) will call the parents to pick up their kid. And if the parents couldn't do so, the teacher on duty had to send them back home, provided that they have someone to look after them at home.

What I am pissed about is how parents giving excuses such as buried in work, no transport and such to avoid the hassle of taking their kids home. More pissed I was when I made a call, the mum said she got no transport and the dad said he was outstation and I found out that both of them were at home (which is like 10 mins walk from school and no, I don't walk there, I drove there). More pissed I was when a dad said that work is more important than picking up his daughter. More pissed I was when some teachers kinda shot me with sarcastic remarks saying I'm pampering the parents by sending their kids home, due to them not being well to be in school. If I'm one of the kids, but one that can think, wouldn't I feel neglected, discovering that my parents and teachers couldn't care less for my well being? What will I become when I grows up? A person who has a great distrust issue?

Had a talk with a burger seller just now. He was wondering, why are those responsible did not take the right action. He was aiming at the ministry of health and the ministry of education. Ministry of health for the ways hospitals and clinics handle the Swine Flu cases, be it a confirmed case or not. He thought of how the MOE should consider the rising of absentees in schools and declare a state of emergency for schools. Kids do not understand much of adult world. They thought of A(H1N1) as a weird yet playful name. For them, its just those things mentioned in the TV. For them, the masks given (or sold to them) are just a tool to become a ninja in Konoha. Adults should take things seriously tbh. Do we need a death or two before we quarantine or close schools? Do we need the same number of deaths and reported cases before we declare a state of emergency? Do we should care about the politics, the ISA, the reformation, the street protests and other shits more than the life of our own future generations?

Go people, listen to the Black Eyed Peas' Where is the love. Think about how human we are. Go I beg you. Go.


"People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and you hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questionin'
Where is the love

Think people, think. Are we humans? Or are we something lower than the characters in the picture at the top of this post?


Tagness from Izzy

Nama : Nasrul Hadie

Nama Pangilan : Nas, Valen (by guild wars friends)

Tarikh lahir : 5th April

tempat lahir : Kuala Pilah

Status : Tired

Hobi : Internet, PSP, Manga

Makanan kegemaran : atm, homemade wraps

Minuman kegemaran : Twister Apple

Cita- cita : Actor? or maybe Writer?

pengalaman buruk : menyedari banyak pacat berkumpul dalam kasut semase kecik2 dulu, maka agak trauma bila jumpa pacat.

Pengalaman manis : afterglow of a post theater staging (the one that I'm involved in)

Perkara yang disukai : bile dapat duit

Perkara yang tak disukai : kene kaco mase tido

adakah anda berpuas hati dengan apa yang anda ada? : nope

Harapan : get the ball rolling

Erm, thats it Izzy, no piccas here, too lazy to take one..... just refer to the pics in previous posts