Friday, June 26, 2009

And it was a sweet dream...

It has been about 3 months since he left us.
And I have been missing him since.
Who wouldn't?
That cheeky snobbish horny cat has always been my favourite among his siblings.
And I still remember how I was depressed and couldn't do anything else but sulk for 2 days and how I'm not motivated for weeks and how Eton tried to comfort me and herself by being a mix of herself and Shoel. And guess that personality is stuck with her.

And last night, after hours of not being able to shut my eyes, I fell into a deep sleep.

And there, He was there.
He was being his normal self there.
I can see his short and a bit crooked tail he had.
I can feel his fur.
And I can caress him, hug him and kiss him like I've always did before.
And there he was being cheeky.

And it feels good seeing him again after all of this.
I miss you boy.

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