Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run for the lollipop

The kid keeps on running
under the sun, under the rain
past the hill, over the bridge
trying to get to the candy shop
to buy himself a lollipop

The kid falls down
tripped on a stone, fell on twigs
face buried in dirt, palm and knee bleeds
stopping the tears with his eyelids
stopping the pain with his heart beats

The coins the kid had had scattered
with battered fingers he picked them up
one by one, one after another
counting each of the coins carefully
for the price of making himself happy

The kid stood up and stare
looking at the stone, looking at the dirtpath
he winced at the pain, winced at the fall
one foot forward, he started again
running and running, forgetting his pains.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tell me, would you believe in some small details that can barely catch your eyes would later be a sign for you?

Tell me, are you as superstitious as me?

Tell me, do you believe me if I say I believe in it, if I say I'm superstitious?

Around a month ago, I almost involved in a car accident. Before it happened, I saw 4 apparitions. And few hours later something covered the back of my car... I think I've posted something here about that before..... And later, withing few days/weeks after that, 4 person connected to me got into road accidents and me almost met with a couple more accidents.... The last person of the prediction was an 8 year old kid. And it cost him few nerves in his head....

In the past few days, I've been given signs. Signs that would be so ridiculous. Signs that tells me what's happening and yeah, it might, as I believed, tells me what will happen or what should happen in the near future.

I was at the beach, washing some barbecue fat and oil off my hands with sea water and melted ice. Then, I threw the ice away, as far as I could. Guess what followed the ice? 2 of my precious beads bangles. One was given to me by a Buddhist monk, another was from a girl. Frantically I went into the water to look for it. But the sea returned only one of the bangles. The Buddhist bangle. I spent quite some time to look for the other bangle, but to no avail. I even tried to look for it the next day, hoping to see at least one of the beads.... I failed.

And today, as I wanted to leave PD for JB, Babyboy couldn't be started. I tried to jumpstart it, with the help of a nice old man, but Babyboy just wouldn't move its heart even an inch. Some good souls tried to help me, much to my greatest appreciation. And I waited by Babyboy's side for hours until the only available mechanic in town was available to tend to his wounds. He jumpstarted the poor boy and Babyboy managed to breathe again. Hilmi came with Ida and they drove behind me to make sure I make it back to Seremban safe. Back in Seremban, I turn off the engine and was about to get into the house when I thought of trying to start the poor boy again. And Babyboy can be started. He was alive and kicking! Cant believe my luck I switched off the engine and tried again. And Babyboy is alive!!

It's weird, isn't it?

Feels like Babyboy doesn't want to leave PD.

I wonder what these signs are for.......

Gah, I'm too tired.

I'll be your bat, you'll be the cat in the dress
Wait no, you should be the damsel in distress

Friday, October 9, 2009

And today's the day I was proven wrong.

I just arrived at the car park of my housing area today when I realized that I only ate something light for lunch. I stepped out of the car, taking along my trusted washed green sling bag, and walked towards the nearest burger stall. And it was closed. I wondered if that burger guy and his wife had something to do today. They are a nice couple. In fact, they are the only people that I talked to extensively here at the housing area. Being denied of having some beef tonight, and the fact that I'm quite lazy to cook tonight, I headed to the mamak stall under the building. There, I ordered some take away and while waiting for it to be ready, I got my self a cup of tea.

And sitting at one of the perfect spot in the stall, I was engaged in my favourite pastime, analyzing other people.

There were not any customer in sight but a boy and his mum. The boy, I figured, is about 6. Since it was around 7 pm and the nearest primary school has the afternoon session, they boy cant be a primary schooler as he wore a normal yellow shirt and matching shorts, and he acted too young for his body built. He has bigger body than 8 years olds, mind you. He was playful, curious and seems to be keen on learning how the owner of the stall made some dishes.

And the mum, wore pink baju kurung, free haired, a little bit chubby but was buried in some papers. She would occasionally ordered something for her son to eat, whining around about her son behaviour and get back to the piles of papers spread on the eating table. Judging from her looks, she's a busy career woman. She might be a single mother, who earns enough to make ends meet every month.

My first impression after these initial analysis was that that boy might be a bit left out by the mum, whom giving him a couple of roti canai for dinner. He might be sent to the nearest nursery, where the rats roam the door steps at nights and all the kids there get was some ABCs, watching tv and afternoon naps. The mum wears a shiny baju kurung, maybe it was tailored for the Eid, and the boy's shirt, it was quite aged. So, my initial conclusion is, the boy might need a better upbringing.

As I sipped my tea for the umpteenth time, the mum called someone on the phone. Her expression was a bit happy and flirtatious, and yeah, she would occasionally paused at her conversation to make sure her son would behave. Maybe she's dating someone.

The urge to confirm my analysis got over me.

So I started a conversation with her.

"How old is he?"
"Six, but he looked like nine isn't he?" The mum smiled, proud. "He already finished Iqra 6. He can read and write and even speak in English."

I was dumbfounded.

"I sent him to the Smart Readers for 2 years since he was 3", she continued. "And now, he feels that its boring to learn. He said he wanted to play some video games."

I was speechless. I already knew that my analysis can only be about 70% right, but I just couldn't predict this coming to me. Trying to get back my composure, I sipped another tasteless portion of the tea.

"Why don't you give him Year 1's exercises, that ought to challenge him", I said to the lady.

She looked at me and smiled. "I did that, and he did it quite well. Maybe Year 2's might challenge him."

"Yeah, as long as his brain can get on to the thinking mode, then he'd be one of the best students in the future." I said that, in awe.

And in awe, I realized that this is the day I was proven wrong in my analysis, and the day I gladly accepting that fact.

The old saying about the book and the cover stays true still. And yeah, this event had helped me and reminded me not to leave any small detail about my subject of analysis. In this case, the papers on the table, the telephone conversation, and of course, the eyes of them two. Much can we learn from looking into the eyes of each being on earth. Eyes wont lie to you. And I ignored that during my analysis today.


I was wrong!

Time for the next analysis!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Faces Of School

These few months of late, I've been the official (non-official)
of the school. Been taking pictures of numerous events in school and yeah, these here are some random pics (without editing but resizing, mind you) that I've taken to love.

Ah well, some might notice, these are my fav kids lol
But hey, they are the ones that are willing to smile to the camera without being monkeys~