Sunday, June 7, 2009

Am I single?

tagged by izzy. sorry for the lateness..

this survey is ONLY for those who are SINGLE.
answer the questions HONESTLY and tag 7 of your SINGLE FRIENDS.

1. Are you single?
- I guess so~

2. How long have you been single?
- 2 or 3 or 4 months?

3. How many exes do you have?
- more than 7? Lost count! *sorry~*

4. Whose fault when you guys broke up?
- we are the victims of the consequences!!!!! ROFL

5. If your ex want to get together again, what will your answer be?
- IDK, if I want to get together again, I'd work for it~

6. Are you seeing anybody now?
- I'm seeing lotsa ppl atm... But it's whether they are seeing me now... Irony?

7. What are 3 qualities you want to find most in your future gf/bf?
- Kinky in bed, sexy and knows how to lap dance? lol yeah rite, it's the normal typical qualities that normal ppl wants... What do you want?

8. What turns you on and off for a girl/guy?
- Long straight silky hair, wearing satin nightgown... Hate seeing no face but lotsa attitude kinda girl...

9. What will be your comment on your past relationship and future?
- It's just a fragment in the flow of time, if it meant to be, it's meant to be. But along the way, the memories created together with her(s) {notice the 's'} are precious to me and will stay for the rest of my days....

10. What will you say to your future gf/bf?
- Hey sexy! *grabs her ass* LMAO

who else is still single? cis.
- You! Yes you who is single and you who is not but single at heart!

p/s: cant find any that's single... seems like everyone is owned~ hahaha I'm left behind...

I tag:
1. Guna
2. Guna
3. Guna
4. Guna
5. Guna
6. Guna
7. Guna
8. Guna
9. Guna
10. And yeah, Guna


ahseng said...

u can tag guna like ten times

Musica said...

Oh yeah, I forgot~ lol

izzyzatt said...

hahah! so mean! pity guna!

Musica said...

Well, I guess he's the only one other than me? muahahaha