Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crushed Crush

(pic taken from google search here)

What happened to your crush?
Why does a crush called crush?
Is it meant to be crushed?
Irony eh....
Just a thought....

It all happened when I witnessed two 12 year olds and their crushes. One is a boy. One is a girl. And kids being kids, they planned lots of childish plans to get their crushes' hearts. Both with plans that might end up destroying my car... How do I know? From their friends...

At times, I'd chuckled at those plans and how adorable they are. But now, I cant sit easy without thinking what if it would really happen? What should I do? I mean my car's repair would be costly and at the same time, these kids are still kids. And hopefully it wont happen so that I don't have to think of what my course of action would be next for them.

Maybe in the future they would laugh at their childhood crush.
But hopefully in the future I don't have to mope in the sad corner of my house for the money spent on repairs...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This room.

There is a room
with not much room.
It is the smallest
and some say the weakest
but its not that detached.
The maid's quarter
is much more better
with a bathroom attached.
The room gets the sun all day
it gets the heat everyday.
The room get the rain some days
but stays the most humid for days.
And for days its been like that
unlike the other rooms, that have much more fat.
It is like an oven, it is like a box
it is not like a place where you can coax.
But mind you, the one with obsessions
This room is filled with important possessions.
No one could not be in the room, to be a part,
if he does not have heart.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

25's Blackout

It was the 5th yesterday.
And at around 8pm, the housing area I lived in had had a blackout. Without warning.

I was tired, being in the team that organized the district level volleyball competition for under 18-boys. Went to work at 7am, finished at 4. Mind you, I didn't just stand there. I did stuff that can make an ox too tired to even munch the grass inside it's mouth.

So usually night time was my time. For me to check the Facebook, play some FB games, write some work stuff, type some stuff, print some stuff. All using the electricity. But not the night of the 5th of April 2010.

Last night when every houses on the street went dark at the same time, I felt like I couldn't do a thing. So I took my keys, went downstairs to start my car just to charge my mobile phone, just in case it couldn't last until the next morning to wake me up. While waiting for it to be done, I observed.

I observed my surrounding. Neighbors rushing out to go to places that has electricity. Hondas after Hondas, Toyotas after Toyotas. I ignored them.

Instead, I turned my eyes to the sky. There, I wonder, why is it always Orion that I see at night. Not even the Ram in sight.

Spending almost an hour wondering outside of the house was enough for me.

Went back upstairs, light a candle and there it was, the book that darling lent to me. I do not read non-fantasy genre. But, that's all the entertainment I had. It was quite good. Look for the book 'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga. I recommend it.

Reading by the candle light was hard. ^_^

Once in a while I'd lie down, book aside, and stared out the window. The sky was cloudy, with the moonshine illuminates the layer of the clouds, making it glowing. And with that glow, the earth was caressed with soft light. Everything looks beautiful. The silent neighborhood was blanketed with what seems like a cooling sun. And to me, that is a great sign.

Sign for the 'me' whom had just got to the age of 25.
A sign telling me that even in the darkness, there will always be a calm and cool factor.

And last night's black out was like the birthday gift from the Mother Nature.