Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the music takes you away...

As time flies, I had to go to Besut, leaving my work behind and yeah left an important document in the staffroom...
I even planned to arrive late at the meeting place.

Supposed to go at 8.30 the latest. And I arrived at 8.40...
And guess wut, I was the third to arrive out of 40 people.

Great, this is just great.

Even the GB arrived at around 9..... And the bus gets on the road nearly 9.40.....

Overall, I concur that this trip is a sad excuse for those female teachers (am sad to say, especially those from administrations) for a shopping trip without the bounds of their husbands. Oh yes, they enjoy Pasar Payang and Wakaf Che Yeh or sumtin (forgot the name) that one of them wasted like RM2k in one of those places alone! I've seen better and cheaper choices in Nilai 3.....

And yeah, the trip is originally meant to visit 2 schools. One school is in a teacher training institution in Terengganu. And the other is like a champion of the 3K contest. 3K stands for something like the clean and beautiful aspect of the school...

Okay, the first school doesn't entertain me much as the self proclaimed 'conducive learning environment' sounds too good to be true. The environment of the school, which is located inside the teacher training campus and half maintained by the campus, is nothing compared to those self proclaimed 'smart schools' in Putrajaya. And yeah, I've seen better. (Which refers back to the argument I had with the GB which she said I haven't seen enough. Well, I've seen better than that mam.

The second school did entertain me a bit. Well, for starters, GB said that this school is the best in the 3K thingy... Well, the school's GB in turn said, they lost to a school in Muar. The school in Muar, seems to me, is better as in the distance from JB and it's more beautiful than the one that we went to!

And yeah, if this is the most beautiful school in Malaysia, why do I think MRSM Balik Pulau is much more beautiful? Weird....

To add to that, there were about 8 male teachers. And 5 of them never slept whenever they stepped into the bus and they were laughing so loud that even the GB complained. Well, they cracked stupid sexual perverted jokes the whole trip and checking out chicks despite having a wife and kids waiting for each of them at home. Well, it's disgusting as their face is like second to a donkey! And they wolf-whistle girls. I'm really ashamed to be in the same profession as them.
And yeah, the stuff they talked about, I know more than them. It was so DISGUSTING to see these men in their thirties doing that. Maybe it is a disease that Malay men have. Well, not any Malay men, but those that didn't realize that they could not attract any lady with just their looks and charms.

So, to conclude, the trip is just a sad excuse for those who wanna be away from their husbands to waste thousands of precious money and for those who feels great pissing off other people.

Ah well, it's not only the bad things that I had during the weekend.

I met the bus driver again, and yeah he's friendly and agreed with me on lots of things. Such as how those male teachers were too noisy at around 2 am when people were sleeping and they were laughing soo loud that the drivers could hear them even though they sat at the last row of seats at the back of the bus.


Ah yeah, I got to see beautiful orchids and eat lotsa prawns! ^_^

And I saw this funny sign in Kota Bharu hahahahaha IRONY!!!

Well, thank god the trip ended. And as a result? I got loads of unfinished work, three of my teeth are aching (got to see the dentist today and one had to be taken off tomorrow) and I got really out of my system due to some things... Hahaha, for those who knew, just keep a zip near to your lips lol.

And went to see Transformers yesterday which I think was overrated, no convincingly good storyline, no great finale battle and yeah, where the hell is Rodimus? I don't want to see those trying-to-be-cute-and-mute yellow Camaro! Seriously, Michael Bay needs to see how Star Wars builds up their climaxes and brought it into conclusions. The actions were great, but if its just the actions that is great, better off watching WWE.

And after that had some Banana Split despite my aching teeth.

And yeah, sorry to those who had to put up with my out-of-my-self yesterday hahaha.
I'm out.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Beauty is hard to define la~~
It is in the eye of the beholder.
But I guess the 3K thing has got it's own criteria.
Why were you there in the first place?

p/s: I know what you mean about being late but still be one of the earliest to arrive!

Musica said...

True on ur statement koko. But I dare say that as my GB said something that kind of makes the Besut school is the best in Malaysia. And she said that in order to force me to go there. So yeah, emo that is. ^_^

Well, went there coz being forced to, despite there are other teachers wanting to go....