Friday, May 30, 2008


Watched Once yesterday. An Irish movie. It's indeed one of the best music movie in our time. But watching it in Malaysia pisses me off coz of the movie uses a lot of the word 'fuck'. Thus, lotsa post-censored-silence-moments in the movie that disturbs the dialogue of the characters. And coz of those censorship, u cudn't understand much some of the sentences that they are saying. Bummer.

Wunan jumped from the level 7 window and broke his right arm and weaken his left arm. He was bleeding internally, blood oozing from the mouth and nose. He had to ask for help to pee and shit. And he's not eating too. Eton aka Shadow and Sho'el helped cleaned him and nurse him to health back. Tried the UPM vet clinic in PJ but they dun want to accept as they don't have the xray machine. They asked us to go to UPM main campus but they're close after 11 am on Friday. Will go to private vet but that might cost a lot for a student like me. Damn. I dont want Wunan to be a cripple. He has high potential to be an alpha male. Looks like I might stay in KL a bit longer.
Thus I'm declaring that I might be busy these few days. *sigh*
First Sho'el was lost for half a day, that made me rush back to KL last Wednesday evening. And now Wunan's injury.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Not My Time

I'm supposed to sleep about 9 hours ago and yet I cant. Been re-watching H2 and Pokemon all nite to help me fight this insomnia but failed to do so. >_<
It turned out to me that I havent eaten a proper Nasi Lemak for a looooooong time and thus I geared up, went to the Nasi Lemak stall and got me an extra rice and nuts Nasi Lemak which I ate while watching MTV KOPI. It's then when I first saw 3 Doors Down's It's Not My Time MV. Haven't heard the song before but the MV just amazed me. Meaningful video or movie just amazes me to the core. One other thing that catch my eyes is that they have free run or parkour in it. Here's the vid:

The lyric is quite great too. Meaningful.

"It's Not My Time"

Looking back of the beginning of this
And how life was
Just you and me loving all of our friends
Living life like an ocean
But now the current slowly pulling me down
It’s getting harder too breath
It won’t be to long and I will be going under
Can you save me from this?

Cause it’s not my time I’m not going
There’s a fear in me it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh but I won’t go

I look ahead too all the plans that we made
And the dreams that we had
I’m in a world that try to take them away
Oh but I’m taking them back
Cause all of this time I’ we been just too blind to understand
What should matter to me
My friends is laughing and it’s not what we have
It’s what we be live in

Cause it’s not my time I’m not going
There’s a fear in me but it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
But it’s not my time I’m not going
There’s a will in me and now I know that
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh but I won’t go
I won’t go

There might be more than you believe
(There might be more than you believe)
There might be more than you can see

But it’s not my time I’m not going
There’s a fear in me it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
But it’s not my time I’m not going
There’s a will in me and now it’s gonna show
This could be the end of me
And everything I know

There might be more than you believe
(There might be more than you believe)
There might be more than you can see

But I won’t go
No I won’t go down

I always have soft spot for meaningful MV, like Jay Chou's. Oh yeah, wut I mean by meaningful here is that the MV has a story in it and it was well presented by the director. Not using the lame techniques that some MV has. And sometimes, you have to think a bit to get the gist of the MV and connect it to the song.

I think the angel of sleep is calling me now. *yawn*
I wish someone could sing some of M's rhymes so that it can be made into MVs. Meaningful MVs.

Saturday, May 24, 2008



I'm bored.
And I know I want to write bout lotsa stuff here but too lazy yet bored atm. Very much!
*punch self*
After the exam we had two self development courses, a week each. Well, I skipped the whole 2 weeks but 2 days. I'd rather lie down and play with the cats, and chasing them around, and kissing them, and rubbing my cheek to them, and get mad at them for going to the lift engine room or wuteva u called it.

There, as u can see, it's Sho'el hugging his sister, Eton a.k.a Shadow. Both of them are getting more naughty than Wunan (I din have his clear pic atm). But lots of Sho'el since we are saliva brothers. LOL

It happened when Sho'el ate a choc bun I was eating and since my saliva was there, he ate my saliva. So, in turn, since he left a saliva residue where he bit the bun, I ate it. It might sound gross but thats how u'd become saliva brothers! (Like how u become blood brothers in HK movies). Oh yeah, I got a free collar from a Whiskas pack and put it on Sho'el...

Here, he's trying to act as a camera shy cat...

But later on he sneakily go into a cute mode...

And now asking me to vote him as the cutest, handsomest cat in the whole world.... Wut a pain...

To add to that, usually Eton will sleep with me. But Sho'el quickly became jealous and he slept with me.... for about 10 mins before woke up and playing and biting my feet... >_<


Okay, during the whole 2 weeks skipping the courses, I managed to finish Dynames. I measured myself to be quite good after more than 2 years I havent touch a Gundam model kit... Guess I still have it in me.... and the nerve to spend about RM126 for the model and the stand... and plus another RM30 or so to buy the Gundam highlighting pen and a penknife. Here's the result:

So, Lockon, did I do you justice?


Well, wut else happened during my two weeks after exam.... Oh yeah, Teachers' Day!
Lotsa thing happen to Cohort 2, the organizing committee for the year, due to human's selfishness. From wut happened, it is safe to say that 90% of human would only look after their own ass first before the others. But anyway, Cohort 2 did a great job and at the same time managed to give IPBA's lecturers and admin a piece of our sarcasm. Well, to Cohort 2, especially the boys, here's a toast for our unity!


Hazian told Hilmi during the Teachers' Day that she wud like for me and Hilmi to participate in the Kagum Monodrama in IP Keningau in Sabah this late August. I'm still contemplating on going or not going since for the next sem, I'm having my school prac for 3 months, and that includes August. And I'd love to join the Kagum. I wanna show how I cud act or direct. She needs a 3 man team (sounds like Naruto ninja team), an actor (since it's monodrama), and two production people. The thing is that we need to create the script and I'm pretty much still on writer's block and since it's monodrama, it'll be a first for me and I dun have that much confidence yet. But my body is itching and to quell the itchiness, I have to act! The situation is almost the same as before the Mahsuri we did in Brisane. It still bring me smiles when I look at the moments we shared during the production. And until now I'm still very thankful to the people that contributed to the production. At least I made a mark in Brisbanites' hearts that nite.

Oh how I miss the moments of Mahsuri...
OMG! I'm so wanting to act in Keningau... But I don't want to skip my school prac and had to finish it much later than everyone else.....


I kno there's lots of pics in this entry... But heck....
OMG, I'm still bored n lazy....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jordin Sparks' Tattoo

Wut I love about this song is these few lines:

You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo


Oh, oh, oh

No matter what you say about love
I keep coming back for more
Keep my hand in the fire
Sooner or later, I'll get what I'm asking for

No matter what you say about life
I learn every time I bleed
That truth is a stranger
Soul is in danger, I gotta let my spirit be free

To admit that I'm wrong
And then change my mind
Sorry but I have to move on
And leave you behind

I can't waste time so give it a moment
I realize, nothing's broken
No need to worry 'bout everything I've done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don't look back at a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo

(Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you
I'll always have you, I'll always have you)

I'm sick of playing all of these games
It's not about taking sides
When I looked in the mirror, didn't deliver
It hurt enough to think that I could

Stop, admit that I'm wrong
And then change my mind
Sorry but I gotta be strong
And leave you behind


(Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you
I'll always have you)

If I live every moment
Won't change any moment
Still a part of me and you
I will never regret you
Still the memory of you
Marks everything i do

[Chorus X2]

Just like a tattoo
I'll always have you

p/s: to the person concerned, I have a tattoo with ur name in my heart.

The Little Girl and The Doll

There was a little girl
With hair that have a little curl
Oh how she look sweet and adorable
With a face and body so huggable.
An avid doll lover she was
Too bad she couldn't afford anything but rust.
She was lucky once
Another girl gave her the chance
To play with a doll
From winter to fall.
She brushed the doll's hair everyday
Changed the clothes and play.
She gave the doll a little curl
Just as hers, so that they both look adorable.
But fall came and she had to return it
To the rightful owner who didn't very much appreciate it.
She was torn and cried and cried
Cried so much that her eyes dried.
She was heart broken one day seeing a flair
The curl she gave the doll was no longer there.
How she hoped that the rightful owner
Would hate the doll that had became her.
How she regretted she didn't have the money
To get the doll early.

Pre and Post Exam...

Exam was over last Thursday and yeah, eventho I planned on to blog bout stuffs after exam, I was kinda bit busy with taking pics and shit. The worse thing happen when last nite my external HD, where I store my pics, was infected by a worm. Luckily I managed to save it, after four hours of trying. Now it is clean and healthy again! Yay! But, thats not the uber-worst thing. The pics that I've edited, chosen from 125 people (each has bout 2 to 6 pictures) were heartbroken, knowing that they were denied off their true purposes. The story is like this, the pics are for a pic collage, a soon to be present for one of our lecturer. The thing is that it was denied by the head honcho of the Teacher's Day (he's a fat ass, rejecting our ideas). Here's what Koko wrote bout it in our yahoo group:

Talking about IPBA admin...
The powers that be have just had their first meeting about Teacher Day on last Wednesday!
That's one week before the actual event!
They came up with a basic skeleton plan while we have already added meat to our skeleton and are currently putting the skin on!
Yet they still wanted to change our plans.

But we put our feet down.
We spent a lot of time & effort to plan this event.
You should have helped us from the very beginning when we actually asked for your help.
Your absentmindedness & rejection has given us liberty...
Now this event is truly & fully, a Cohort 2 event.

Anyway, here's the pic of the ashtray and the alarm clock I bought at ROOM like I promised you.

It has some kind of a trap door. Lawlz.

I like the one bell concept. XD

Moving on, I also promised to talk bout the SPCA trip.

Ok, some days ago, Hilmi asked me to help him coz the block 3 warden asked me to catch some stray cat n her kittens and throw them away. It was actually Pochi 2 aka Anne. It was one of the Cohort 4 student's cat (irresponsible human) and she brought it to IPBA and from a house cat, she let it be a stray cat, so the cat's quite aggressive to other humans. So, we caught it and sent it to SPCA (the warden didnt care at all where we want to throw it away). I went there with Jarod coz his mobile could be a gps sort of map. Hahaha. Turned out to be we were late and it was closed for the day. Back to hostel again and had to kept it at the back balcony for the nite. Early morning the next day we went back to SPCA and sent it there, and had to donate a sum of money. The lady there told me that the kittens will be up for adoption straight away but the mother might has to be put to sleep coz of her psychoness. Well, tats bout it. Wut frustrates me is that I discovered lotsa irresponsible ppl who are selfish and only think bout saving their assess all the time. *sigh*

Here's the pic of the cats before going to the SPCA.

Pochi 2 aka Anne

One of her kittens

And yeah, just thought of giving another idea of how Lucky Se7en is:

As you can see, there are 7 lettered cards (ignore the 8).
This is the result of me thinking of my dearest girl, based on star's technique. It shows the relationship of my heart, and the girl I think of. It is actually perfect (according to star) and I should marry her. The interpretation is like this, King of Heart is my heart and Queen of Heart is the heart of the girl. Since it's close, that means there's nothing in our way and we love each other. The Queen of Spade is another girl who is into me but she has the King of Diamond there, meaning she's attached to someone rite now. The Jacks are people that might or might not affect my relationship, the Jack of Heart being another girl and the Jack of Diamond being another guy. The King of Spade is the physical me, showing my physical position, like distance and stuff. There, another clue to the Lucky Se7en, represented by the Lucky Se7en as I got this card arrangement just like that, much to everyone's disbelief. Tried it again with Hilmi's and got the similar arrangement. *sigh* I know who is the Queen of Spade but I wonder who is the Queen of Heart is. *wink wink*

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lost Odyssey

I've finished the game!
It's a great story to be told.


And guess wut, I still havent started studying for the exam on tuesday and thursday... *smacks my own head*

I will blog bout my journey to SPCA after the exam.

Cant wait to go for a pizza after tat, and construct my new-shiny-still in plastic Dynames. Lockon Stratus, wait for me yeah?

Nas outta here.

Missing sumone mode.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm soo messed up!

Today I woke up at 1pm, brush my teeth, smoke a bit and look for the kittens, and guess wut, all three of them we're hanging out on the roof! And I had to do extra meow-ing to make them come down and have their meal. They were so dirty that they had to wash their paws before eating. I mean literally. I made them to do it. Yes. Lawlz. Then played some Lost Odyssey (it's a really fucking good rpg). The boys went out to catch Ironman (i called it ayam-man). I was left behind then decided to go out to MV anyway, coz need shampoo and conditioner and facial. Yes, I'm a bit metro. And lucky I guess coz there, I saw at least 1 D Certified girl and 2 Nas Certified girls, excluding the models that had a fashion show there. Well, only one of them are good looking enough.

There, stayed from 5 to 9, and guess wut, I tried to look for cool looking speakers at ROOM and they only had a one way speaker. OMG! Not wanting to let my heart down, I got myself a really cool looking ashtray and a nice looking alarm clock (I'll upload the pics later). The clock has only one bell and it's black. The ashtray is black, too, and it is 5 inches tall and looks like a tall glass. Really like em both.

Since no Lost Odyssey action for the night, I decided to watch Any Given Sunday and study all the main characters' characters. I mean analysing, making inferrences, and trying to guess how they take into account of some imaginative situations. Well, I always do that to random people I see, since hanging out at Queen St with Kak Mieza 2 years back. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I saw this one suspicious man at MV, carrying a suspicious box-like-thing wrapped in a plastic bag. He was holding it carefully and put it in the garbage bin carefully. And I was standing next to the bin! I was like wtf! And then I followed him for a while, studying his character, n yes, he seems shady to me, but then, I decided to be cbf bout it.

Then I watched Lars and the Real Girl. After 20 mins, I got a headache! *SPOILER WARNING* Lars is a reserved man coz of his past, and he decided to order a mix-it-yourself-sexdoll to be his girlfriend. His brother n sister in law was shocked at first (yes, me too). Again, 20 mins later, I got the same headache, coz he brought the doll to the church for the mass. I was like wtf the whole story! But it's a great story and I recommend it to be watched by all of yous out there! Next, The Kite Runner!

My point for the entry is that I'm soo messed up coz in 5 days, I'll be having my exam. And I have yet to study a thing and I've been playing around during lectures, drawing sketches of pics that I wanna take.


*slaps my self*

p/s: I admit that I watched pirated movies, straight from the net. But heck, I hate going to movies alone or with boys and Malaysian cinemas sucks. U cant even watch peacefully and there's no everyday halfprice for students even during premiers. And there's no free seating! And no salted popcorns! God I miss Brisbane.