Monday, May 4, 2009

And it's cloudy..

I do not understand, why do I feel so down, so empty at school today. Is it coz of the workloads that has been piling up as I was away from school for almost the whole of April?

Or is it coz of the cloudy day, despite of what I had hoped for yesterday?

Is something happening to one of me?

Is something happening somewhere far away and it is connected to me?

Or is it coz of I just realized that I could not claim my traveling expenses for late March and the whole of April since tomorrow is already the 5th and the clerks refuse to do it?

Or is it this fever that just could not leave me alone?

Or is it this migraine? That it's so bad that the doc had prescribed me some unusual medication?

Or is it that I miss my laid back self back then?


One thing I look forward to tomorrow is to see my once-in-a-while pupil to come to school tomorrow so that I could reward him a Ben 10 card...

Am I becoming stagnant?

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