Sunday, May 3, 2009

RC Drift car, Guna and Eton

And when I saw this toy at I said to myself, I definitely want to have this! I know, it's the lil boy in me. But it's hard to get it. And luckily a shop in Berjaya Times Square sell this thing and I bought it! U have to assemble it like a Tamiya racing car. So yeah.

And just want to show a pic of Guna with a pink pail...

And Eton too.

She just love my cereal leftovers, milk is good for her teeth n bones u know.


and watch this.


and I bought this scratching post and it cost me nearly RM180. Tanx to Guna and Star for assembling it. But it breaks my heart when she ignores it. lol
ah well, the decoration value is there.


najibu said...

at least she's not breaking it. miss eton.. n you guys too

Musica said...

yeah, agree.