Sunday, May 3, 2009


I suck at times when I was left alone. Arrived from Seremban around 4 and there were Shim, Guna, Star and Kit. We chatted for few minutes before Kit has to go back to Kluang. And then, the boys, too, left.

And I'm alone.

They asked me stuff and I told them I'm okay with it and somehow they might have been convinced by my strong willed face.

But I guess I'm not.

And it feels lonely.

Hope tomorrow is a bright new day.


izzyzatt said...

im here. :)

Musica said...

tanx babe

aliG said...

omg lawak siot eton!!! ;D

Musica said...

Yeah~ Em, ali g, ade kah ko comment di post yang salah? Post ni mane ade eton~