Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Volleyball District Level

After a whole week of grueling training, 4 of my boys, who had been selected to be part of Majidee's volleyball team, had finally tested out their skill, strength and endurance. Our volleyball team had participated the district level volleyball tournament and had to compete with other three zone in J.B., for two days.

It was upsetting when they lost the first match to a Volleyball Project School but they did not lose their spirit. They gave their best in the second match, but to lose the game with a deuce in the second set at 30-28. And then the rain arrived, showered our bad luck and misery away. And the tournament was postponed to the next day.

And today, this morning, with only six players arrived early, we had to start with not the best members. And we gave a good fight. One of the weak members in our team proved his not the weakest as he alone scored about 9 points straight with his sharp, strong and curved service. And I'm proud of him. Even when others arrived, we still kept on with the same player until we won the second set at 26-24. And yeah, they got Bronze for that. Even though it's the third place, I'm very proud of them as they really put 120% into today's game and they proved to others that we're not easy to beat.

You see the big kid at the end of the line? He's the star of today's match. And he snores (ROFL cute) when they slept at my place after the game while waiting for someone to pick them up.

And congrats for ya kids!

p/s: If I had my cam then, there will be more pics of you guys.


izzy said...

congrats, good job!i believe you are a good coach.

Musica said...

Tanx. I need to improve more.