Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's the fifth!
It's the fifth!


SO yeah, after a long distance call, Shim n Guna who were nice enough to bring me out, had gotten me sugar high that made me woke up late.

But yeah, who gives a damn.

Me and Shim went to pick up my volleyball kids to treat them pizza as promised and yeah, we had fun. The kids were full.

And thanx to ALi G who came all the way from BP to give me this nice gift. ^_^


This year, its a different one.
Somehow I felt bad on what had happen on this very day in the past.
Even though there should be a silver lining somewhere, but i do feel a bit of remorse, and regret.
*Smacks me in the face twice*
Its different coz I'm being celebrated, which seldom happen. And yeah, thanx to friends and pupils. ^_^
I've never been celebrated that fancy as I didn't want it. Funny rite?
What am I babbling about.

If I could just turn back time a bit.

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