Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Time: 12.52am
Date: 7th of April 2009
Location: Malaysia/J.B.
Mood: Unstable
Condition: Sleepless/Tired
Spirit: Weak
Motivation: Unstable
Song: Basia Bulat's Little Waltz
Activity: Blogging/Blur/Trying to sleep/Smoking
H/P Wallpaper:

Hope: Choosing the right path/Better future/Another chance


najibu said...

i know that road! ah, i miss...

Musica said...

Yes! The back alley that's full of memories.

a reader said...

u can do it. sure u can.

Musica said...

Tanx a reader. ^_^

izzy said...

The choice is really in your hand.

Musica said...

Contemplating on which to choose.