Friday, April 10, 2009

It's raining now

It's raining now
And he's thinking how
It would be
Everything might seems funny
But seems like an irony
too, And he's trying to
Living it and make do
With anything that comes by
To say hello and goodbye.

There's going to be sunshine tomorrow
In the evening you'll hear the crow
Talking about chances
For his advantages
To seize everything true
Even if it is hard to do
Even when he might not fare
And this struggle gives him a scare
And even scars of old
Will again be told

But in the rain tonight
He is wanting a fight
For his chances
For his advantages
Even in her sleep
She could dream of him wanting to keep
His will is strong and determined
To properly heal the famine
As the sleeping girl is affecting
The beads of his reflecting
His conscience and emotion
And from his heart, affections.