Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And it started...

Today was my first day in school after 2 weeks on the road, doing various stuff for the volleyball scene in JB.

And it started.

A teacher, who's concerned about wut happened to me in the school, and apparently was a victim too, previously, could not take it anymore.

She went to the headmistress.

And she told me.

And makes me wonder, why does the headmistress did not say anything to me when she walked past me.

But I could see that some teachers, who had had sided with him started to treat me better. I wonder why.

And yeah, I could still feel the resentment from his cliques, whom I had nothing against, even though it was covered with fake, hypocritical smiles.

But the congratulations from the administrations for my stint in Volleyball made my day, so I was kinda meh with all other stuff.

But I bet, today will be a start of a new battle. Which I hate. It's too troublesome. I'd rather do something else or deal with my other problems.

Meh anyone?