Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Before you go, please remember these…
When time is pressing, and you are down by bits,
You may tense, you must rest but please, never quit.
Sometimes things might hurt but it is alright to cry
To shed the tears, abandon the agony.
When you are distress, and you feel depressed,
You think you need someone, just find a listener.
For you know best, you hate to be told what you need to do.
My words, anyone, can never soothe u,
but suit yourself, you know yours will.
Whenever you want to smile, but you need to sigh
Just because you know your life is queer,
full of twist, full of turns
Often you think to given it up
Without knowing that a little more of steps
Will bring you to the winner’s crown.
When you want it fast, but the pace seems slow,
Try bit by bit, you may succeed with another blow.

Someone wrote to me this four months ago.
Reading it again, I keep on wondering. I know that choose my own path. But am I able to re-track my steps and turn back if I want to. Or should I choose, should I arrive at another fork of my life, the north or should I choose the south. 'For you know best, you hate to be told what you need to do', these words keeps on reminding me, am I making the decisions based on my ego, deep reflections and thinking or based on instinct, people's opinions or because it is the right path. It made me think about how the path is not right but how you make it right. Either way each of the path will always lead me through thorny bushes that eager to claw deep into my flesh. Having been through choices that's abundant with thorns, I am now afraid. Truly, deeply, madly afraid.

p/s: You really describe me well.


me said...

that must be tough...

Musica said...

Oh yeah! What wont kill me will make me stronger...

Anonymous said...

is she someone special?

Musica said...

Well yeah. ^_^