Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

I just got back home....

I started my journey at 4 pm... planned to go after midnite tho.
As I started to warm up the engine, the sky suddenly had a nervous breakdown and cried a river. I could only see about 3 meters in front.

The highway was okay up until Kulai, where cars started to slow down and from 120, I went on 80. It was hard driving in the rain. As I was listening to Jules and Prem chatters, the car in front suddenly stepped on the brakes. In split second, I stepped on mine, but the car still moves on 80. In trying hard to get frictions, I turn the wheels left and right, much to my surprise, the tyres were still going straight! I didnt want to pull the handbrake coz the car will swerve to the side and might get hit by the cars from the next lane... But, as the car in front was nearing, I decided to pull it. However, the car managed to stop before I pull it, an inch or two from the car in front. The atmosphere of safety didnt arrived yet as the cars behind me were speeding too and tried to stop too.. But they managed to get to the slow lane and yeah, I'm saved. Again by the little green Kelisa. Slowly, I went to the slow lane and my left leg couldnt help but to shake every time I place it on the clutch pedal. Took an hour or so to calm it down.

But driving in the slow lane sucks. Lorries were driving fast on the emergency lane, almost hit me twice, and yeah, old rich farts in their BMW and Benz did that too! Curse u and ur wealth!

Just look at that! And yeah, the lorry was on the emergency lane too! Before I showered him with my uber annoying honking! ^_^

I RnR-ed at Machap before continuing the journey and thank god the journey was smooth after Pagoh.

Seriously, the Singaporean drivers were good, better than Malaysian drivers.


On a side note, I've been trying to solve this sudoku puzzle for weeks.
Wanna have a go at it?
Lemme look at the pic of the solved ones once ur done yeah?

p/s: I know, taking pictures while driving is dangerous.. but the car wasnt moving at the time... ^_^


ah^kam_koko' said...

Oh my...
Thank God you're safe, bro!
Nobody wants to spend Hari Raya in the hospital!

Musica said...

Wel yeah, but Hospital wasnt what I thought of last nite, more of the afterlife u know... ^_^

Jessica said...

Lion, eh Nas. Haha. I finished the sudoku.. :P But macam mana nak tunjuk? *ehem, bangga nih* :p

Musica said...

Why dont u upload it in ur blog and link it to me?

Jessica said...