Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rules of Escorting

For you people out there who aspires to be a male escort, or wrongly known as gigolo, these are the rules that I've created. Bear in mind that it should be read with an open mind as I wrote this based from my research, observations and experiences.

1. The most important thing for a male escort is NOT TO FALL IN LOVE with the clients! Dont ask me why, figure it out yourself. Well, you cant? If you fall in love with the client, that means the end of your escorting career. U need to stop when u fall in love. Pursue your love. Enough said?

2. Only do things that they allow you to do. Don't be disrespectful. Your clients look after escorts to have a secure pampering, not to be taken advantage of. You will only dirty the profession.

3. Make sure you make an arrangement or a deal before you accept the client. And make sure they agree on the arrangement. An example is when to bail, or how long the duration is.

4. Keep in mind that a male escort is an escort. You became the escort. You became the shoulder they need to cry on to, the ear they need to talk to. You need to comfort them, pamper them and show them the rainbows of life. Your clients look for you to get help. And you need to help them. Its not becoming a male prostitute whatsoever. Its to help others.

5. Last rule for the moment of this entry, you need to be strong. Escorting can be hard, emotionally, and some times, physically when things gets bad. You need to be prepared for the end of the arranged session, or a deal u made with the client. And make sure to keep your mind switched on all the time. Some clients would refuse to let you go, some would leave by themselves. So, again, make sure you are strong to handle it.

p/s: What ever you think about this, I cbf with it... I'm soo bored of not being able to sleep...


ah^kam_koko' said...

Good tips!

Julie said...

god..i love this one...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Musica said...

Koko, good aye?

Julie, lol!