Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Behind the steering wheel

Behind this steering wheel
Realized how much this car feel
From what I reel
into the car, onto the wheels
Paving my own road,
crossing the borderlines of limited limits
Under the somber sky the green boy rushes to push it limits
Trying to figure out, trying to get it.
Clouds rumbling, thunders crackling and the sky crying
The wretched soul keeps on blasting
the radio to its max, peeling of the wax
Not for any mile gain, not for profits.
Who had been the copilots?
A,B,C or D?
How he get into the autopilot?
No he cant do that, not without me.
Blazing through the highway
They tried to leave the past miles away
But none cant stop the heart's sway
From the tar's colours to ancient grey

Behind this steering wheel
Emotions ran high, sunk low
Careful there boy, you might blow
up, And keeps your heads up
Let the volume get up and high
Let others sigh of your tries
Make them envy of green
Paint your name all over the screen
Pull out their spleen
And show them how much u worth
Ride the wind all over the earth

Never forget tho boy
Who is the creator of the ploy
Who drove u the way you're going
And let you amaze others and be their king.