Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magical Dreamer

Blazing through the soft light
The cloudy sky just couldn't give a fight
for the glare of the big red
He just need someone to spread the red carpet.
Under the mundane view
Listening to the song on radio
Pondering to Linkin Park's
Wondering into the farce
Trying to find the place where he belongs
Maybe in her arms, maybe in the song.
But any song won't last a day
Any season won't even stay
Even the greatest of heart would sway

When the moon comes out of his hiding place
The moths would flutter to his eternal grace
Carrying along the glowing dust
To spread the magic, spread some trust
into the magical dreamer's sleep
for a dream worthy to keep.

Even the magical dreamer would be lost
Even the dreamer would be tossed
around and around
and flung onto the ground
to have a reality check
to be awoken from the dream and get back
to the real world.


ah^kam_koko' said...

You must be feeling like a broken down spinning emotional washing machine!

p/s: I'm feeling really sexual... should I write a sexual poem? haha~~

Musica said...

Well, i havent thought of being like a washing machine, but that would do too!

And yeah, you can write that, but hey, it depends on the readers' interpretation! ^_^