Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Its Halloween! Happy Halloween to all non-Emo-Goths out there!


On the 14th of July, I did something for my lucky seven. I bought her a cake, snap pics of it and sent it to her. In fact, i think that's one of my last email to her. It's kinda feelings-mixing-moments coz of how I feel for her and how we were meant and destined not to be together. You can read the details on one of my previous posts.

Well, I'm still in a mixed mood for her but I just cant now. Not anymore. I don't even have the courage to tell her the reason why. But one day, I received an email from her, saying somehow that she could guess my reason and she's happy with it as long a I'm happy and she understands that we are fated not to be together. I think it's time for me to say 'Ah Well...' but I just cant....

Ok, as for prac, I went for prac at SK Alam Damai, a one session, kinda-elite school in Cheras. I was assigned to teach English to a year 1 class and a year 4 class.

The year 1 class - 1 Dinamik is the fourth class of five and these kids are just adorable. They are kids and they do give me lotsa laughs and troubles. One of their trademarks is that half the class will go to the toilet at the same time, resulting in my headaches. They just cant be controlled in any way except for candies. Buy putting a packet of candies on my desk, they will automatically behave.

Despite their 'kiddiness', they let me became one of them and they enjoyed it as much as I do. But seriously, I miss them lots and lots. Oh yeah, two of the girls in the class said that they love me and wanted to marry me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *happily rolling on the floor*

Ok, enough rolling. One of them is this little cutie who actually had caught my attention. Her name's Ilia, the one on the left, and when she heard that one of the Year 5 girls had a crush on me, she became moody towards me, like my gf would. LOL!!! I had to do every would do to win their gf's heart back to get her attention to focus on my lesson.

Next, it's the 4 Arif, the best class of the year 4.

These kids are just the most high leveled thinking kids I've ever encountered. These kids could just outsmart you anytime they want. But rest assured that I'm more cunning than them. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But these kids just made me thought of staying in the teaching profession. They became my own kids and until now I visit them occasionally. I spent most of my time in this class and guess what, they see me as their friend, not their teacher! That's what I want! Yay for me 13 times! Come on, yay for me! Aww, come on.... bummer...

Anyway, this class taught me something important. They taught me that friendship could surpass age barriers. That is both parties are willing and respect plays a major role too.

Speaking of friendship, this pic here is of the friends that I made in that school. And they've been great and superb and uber. LOL

It was taken during the final day of prac and seriously, that day I thought it was so dusty coz water keeps on filling my eyes. (i_i)
I miss the school much, miss the experience much and miss the kids much much.

Ok, I think it's getting dusty here....

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