Thursday, November 27, 2008

Caterpillars and creepy crawlers...

I did say in the previous post that I'm no fan for creepy crawlers and leeches is the numero uno!
Ironically, lately I kept on using phrases that symbolises my affections towards those crawlers...... I think i need to go for a check up...

Been busy as I am required to attend a course. And it's for 3 weeks, well 1 more to go..

But, I will be happily busy this weekend as our Cohort is organising a farewell barbecue party and guess what, I'll be cooking the foods! YEAH BABY!
There'll be lotsa Kebobs, cheesy spring rolls, various dips, grilled chickens, salsa sauce, and lots more. lol

Most of it are mainly imaginary recipes I thought of one night and hopefully it'll turn out great.
Well, as long as U have great company, anything will turn out great.

Erm, this is kinda out of place announcement but I'm getting engaged on the 13th of December. So, yeah, thats bout it.



Anonymous said...

Wow getting engaged?? Who's the bride-to-be?? Congrates! :D

the_key said...

congratulation. your dream comes true. pray for mine too. may you have a wonderful life.

Musica said...

Anon: Yeah, getting engaged. The fiancee-to-be is a nice girl. Tanx anon!

the_key: tanx mate. may ur dream comes true too.

kammabdullah said...

14 pon ok..
hahah.congrats! :)