Friday, October 31, 2008

Lets roll y'all!

It's absurd! Just uber totally absurd. Why?
Coz' there's nothing to write! rofl

Neway, been gaming with my PSP and DS thus my neck aches. So, I resort to building both of my Exia at the same time! OMG, forgot to upload the pics, maybe later. But due to that, my back hurts.

You know wuts the cure for it all?

We all need to roll on the floor till we hit the wall!

Lets roll y'all!

Lets even do a choreographed rolling together! Maybe on a field or sumtin....

I'm dead, Ja~


ah^kam_koko' said...

Building Gundams & gaming...
The life of a man...

Yuen said...

no! stop rolling! go finish ur exia, take lots of cool pose pics and post them! quick! *.* lolx

najibu said...

dude. dats wat gaming is all about. main sampai sakit. hohoh

Musica said...

koko: yeah! ouch!

yuen: one is until the waist and stopped coz my metallic red coloured spray just finished and i need it to do the rest of the parts.

najibu: break a leg! lol