Saturday, November 15, 2008

Btn and Malacca

Well, as you might be informed, I was away for BTN for a week and then straight to Malacca for the boys' trip. Poor Shoel been left alone. I know he miss me lots and I miss him lots too.

Well, since I did not bring my mobile phone, I did not get much pics during BTN but trust me IT WAS A DAMN GOOD EXPERIENCE! LOL
I really respect my facilitator, my group, our teamwork, Syahir's change into a great leader, our experience and undoubtedly my phobia of leeches. HAHAHAHAHA
U might not believe it but I will freeze to death if I see any of those creepy crawler latched onto me.

Anyway, somehow it's funny when fate stepped in. Literally I was granted lotsa my wish there. And I was granted so much that I thought it would be too good to be true. But in the end I paid the price. I was speechless when the time came. And even though I need to end this years of infatuation, I just cant. Well, she's been the person I know all these years and guess I'm comfortable with it. Well, who knows. But I just need to end it. Adoi!

Anyway, after BTN the boys and me went to the long-planned Malacca trip.

Well, it might be our last trip together so what the heck. I was damn tired coz of that trip as I was drivin for the whole trip and I bet Guna was too!
We stayed in A'Famosa resort and guess wut, in the villa we stayed, there's a fish pond!

I guess it would be neat to have one in my future home for Shoel to play with. LOL

And while driving around Malacca, we saw something funny.... But I don't mean to be offensive but heck! IDK!!!

Well, it's gonna be weird parting ways with the people that I've grown close to since June 2003. And most of us will be paving a new way in life soon so I guess despite all the headaches obtained so far, I wanted to say I will miss Level 7 and it will be in my heart forever. And that includes Manchi, Pochi, Shoel, Wunan, Shadow, Junior and Stella. Well, of course lets not forget the topic of the Phantom of the Auditorium. ROFL!!!! He will always be the topic of our discussions in Mamaks or other restaurants when we meet up again someday.

Till then, Ja~

p/s: Don't you think that this entry is somehow a bit random?


Pame 26 said...

Wow!Its quiet sumtimes that U didn't update ya blog.

Anyway,I have kitten as a pet here.AND...two hamster-nmpk-mcm-tikus-sbb-ekor-pjg under one roof.

And to keep a kitten in a forbidden place is just a cool la.Buang the poops.Etc.Etc.

Musica said...

I'm touched!
So do you feed the rodents' young to the kitten?
It's good for the kitten you know?

ah^kam_koko' said...

The Melaka trip was an awesome one...
Probably our last trip together as Cohort 2 boys...

I'll miss you, Nas...

Pame 26 said...

oo.the name is rodent eh?hahaha.not yet.syg.haha.

How gud cud they be for the kitten?Well,at least I dun hv to feed him chocolate as a gift-for-ur-gd-deed cause it wud kill him.

ANYWAY,ma dear eagle at home da besar.haha.Hv new one at home after the one yg died tak smpt gi vet tu.