Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bats for Halloween Anyone?

Wut's appropriate for dinner on Halloween?
Bats. Yup!
You can get it anywhere, and I got mine from my windshield. It was stuck there when one night, I thought I hit a bird and somehow it got away, but its actually a bat and it was stuck at the edge of my windshield. ^_^

Bats satay anyone?


These pics here are steps taken to build Allelujah Haptism's Kyrios. It's orange, yes, but heck, it's cool!

Truth is that there's more steps to it but net kinda moody atm thus less pics >_<


I got myself two Exias. One of it is of 1/100 scale while the other 1/60. Wut I had in mind was that the 1/100 is to be painted black and dark maroon. But turns out to be it's hard to get black so I resort to Silver Leaf and Metallic Red. As for the 1/60, I just leave it as it is. However, about halfway through the Metallic Red was finished thus the Blood Exia as I call it could not be finished earlier. But worry not as I just bought a new can of Metallic Red and it will be my priority to finish it first. Somehow the Blood Exia looks like Ultraman, Optimus Prime or even an American Football player. LOL

Anyway, back to finishing Blood Exia first.


ah^kam_koko' said...

What are the odds of hitting a bat?!!

p/s: your blood Exia looks awesome!
I think it's worth all the work & money you put into it!

najibu said...

bat killer! pe2 hal pun ultraman exia ko tu mmg smat

Musica said...

koko: I guess batman was around~

najibu: Ultraman said thanks!

Uncle Shawn said...

blood Exia..nice! :D