Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blood Exia and 1/60 Exia Gundam

Well, been to Btn last week and just got back last Monday. However, I went to Melaka and got back last Friday and then now I'm in Seremban. Thus the delay of the pics of the all new Blood Exia and Exia Gundam 1/60.

As you can see here, I put together both Exias at the same time. This is to save time waiting for the paint to dry.

But finally Blood Exia finished first. Thus I put a pause on building the other Exia and concentrated on the armaments of Blood Exia.

I planned for the GN sword to have a scratch mark, thus using lotsa paste note wrapping it and took it off to cut the scratch shape and then spray the paint.

And this is the result of it.

Well, here you go, the complete Blood Exia's equipment.

And Blood Exia's finished!

Here's the first pose of Blood Exia!

And the story goes as Blood Exia was too eager to help finish his big brother.
And the 1/60 Exia magically finished itself up!


So, what do you think? Should I go for a higher level of plastic modelling? Zaini said that I had surpassed him by using paints to modify the colour but I think this is just a trial for me. Maybe next year I could enter some tournaments. In the mean time, gotta save some money and plan on which Gundam to buy and modify. Maybe I might use some old parts to create a new Gundam.

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