Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shoel's Tale...


Shoel keeps on begging me to blog bout his experience in IPBA, so, yeah.

He starts his life in IPBA somewhere late January or early February 2008. He had the shortest tail than his siblings thus the name Shoel, which stands for Short Tail. He had a mum, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They were born somewhere in Block 3 but the mum, Pochi, moved them to level 7, Block 4. And that is the Cohort 2 boys' penthouse.

You see, they love doing what they do as babies.
But sometimes it gets too much for Pochi, so she decided that she needed to teach them a lesson or two.

I know, it's a cruel world.
But since I love Shoel soo much, I decided to cast away Pochi and the other 2 kittens, namely Stella and Junior.

So, the ones that were saved during that week's Survivor's elimination were:

Eton aka Shadow.
She's taken by Jarod. But there's something funny about her.....

Do keep your thoughts to yourself ya?
And yeah, the other one is Wunan. He's the one that jumped from the seventh floor and broke his leg. But after that incident, he was less courageous and loves to hide in..... erm, let the pic below explains it.

Weird cat.

Anyway, speaking of bad habits, Shoel have lots too!
First, it's the way he sleeps...
And it's so contagious that Eton follows after him too!

Well, after that he was pissed being copied by the copycat, he locked Eton in the cage while he slept in a basket outside of the cage, just to piss her off.

Poor Eton. But I always knew that Shoel has this gentleman flair of him. What happened was that after the egoistic actions of his, he took her for a date (on a chair though) and shared his ice cream (mine actually) with her. AWW!!!

And Shoel dreams to be a joey! He wants to be a kangaroo's baby!!!!
So, what happened was that he always looked for 'secured places' such as my shirt, my bag and Syahir's luggage. He loves it!

This kid just have lotsa imagination..... and I'm proud of it!

Well, after we finished everything in IPBA, it's time for Shoel to move to Seremban, leaving Eton and Wunan. He was sad, could not eat or drink or going to the loo, but slowly he was adapting in my house.

But little did he know about what happened in Level 7, Block 4.

I dare not tell him but he saw the picture....
I'm sorry darling. Be strong.... Don't go on like that forever yeah?

Aww come on!!! You are the one that wants me to write bout you!
*Nas bites Shoel*


Anyway, that's about it.
And Shoel sends his regards to all of you readers.
So, yeah.


Anonymous said...

pity shoel..


Musica said...

yeah, poor kid...

ah^kam_koko' said...

Shadow can do whatever she was as long as she is careful not to become pregnant.

p/s: love the story!

Musica said...

OMG, Eton's dad is coming after me...
Erm, hi Jarod!

*silently runs away*

najibu said...

aku rse ko kena tambah note : this story is a work of fiction

Musica said...

P/s: this story is somehow a bit fictional but it might be true to!