Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I wanted to blog about how Shoel adapted to his new environment, my house, but I'm a bit busy with the stuff. So, yeah.

Btw, I am getting engaged this coming Saturday, so, yeah. That's why I'm busy. Plus, my laptop was attacked by worm.... >_< thus i have to reformat it and lost lotsa important documents and on the bright side, my laptop is revived again! But I do miss the Adobe Photoshop I used to have......... Where do I have to get money to buy the new one..... OMG!

mood: mixed feelings
Shoel's mood: curios, afraid and having a slight fever yet playful at night when I'm sleeping.

Till then, Ja~

p/s: Najib and Soya is getting engaged today, so, congrats to ya both!

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Sending you the pictures now...
A LOT of them...
Hopefully it can be done...

And congratulations on getting engaged!
Yana is very very hot!
Good choice!
I bet she's got the personality to support you as a wife too!

All the best, bro!
Sorry I might not be able to attend your engagement...

noblemien said...

weh.. congrats on ur engagement. hope everything will turn out well.. :)

Musica said...

Thanx uols!
Btw jarod, ur laptop somehow disconnected without finishing even one zip... T_T

soyasofya said...

thanks nas. and congrats! hehe.. take care of your girl. and youself.

Musica said...

Tanx back to you sayo! ^_^