Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early morning....

I woke up today to find that Shoel's gone!
Without washing my face or brushing my teeth, my face went to the OMG mode.
I forgot to close the windows last night before I sleep.
So, I wash my face, brush my teeth and made a quick check around the house's perimeter. N

No sign.

In my mind was that he was either squashed by a car or mangled by the neighbour's dog.


But, suddenly I remembers that he likes higher places like the roof of the Block 4. So I went out of my window, scanned the roof area and walked around on the roof.

Lucky I did that.

I saw him cowering in fear under my mum's room's windows.
When he saw me, he quickly ran to me and followed me back to the room.
Hahaha. There, you taught yourself a lesson boy.

"Well, next time you want to play on the roof, go ahead. But come back when I call you", that's what I said to him.

IMHO, he's too pampered. I bet he will be beaten by Hilmi's Keychain if we were to put the cats on a fight. Shoel lacks this street smart stuff. And experience. Too pampered.

Well, once in a while, he should sneak out of my room and get into a fight or something.

Ah well, weird early morning.

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