Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nas's Cave.

I just redid my room's arrangements last few days just to accommodate my new roommate, Shoel. The way it is now gives us more space to play, sleep, roll around and yeah, easier for Shoel to exit the window and play around on the roof.

So, welcome to my room.

As you can see here, this is what you could see right after you stepped into the door. My working table on your left. Next to it is my bed, the place where I spend most of my time at home.

At the end of my bed is the bookshelves that I arranged so that it won't take much space and at the same time look neat. I got this idea from Mien's room in IPBA. Next to it is Shoel's sandbox. I put it there coz of the window, where the sun could heat it up so that there won't be any bad odor (GOD BLESS CAT'S LITTERS' INVENTORS).

Okay, next is my cupboard. This is where I put my clothes that I rarely use. HAHA. And the window next to it, as you can see, the security grill there can be opened. And Shoel took full advantage of it, to get on the roof and play around there.

And he's doing it.

And enjoying it.

Next is my bookshelf aka gundam shelf aka dvdshelf aka softtoy shelf. I put almost everytin there. It's very neat to have one in your room. Next to it is actually a big mirror for me to appreciate god's creation and next to the mirror is some of the posters that I collect during my childhood. Can anyone guess who they are?

Next is my workstation that consists of my laptop, numerous power cable extensions, chargers of all sorts, music cds and stuff that people put on their table. And the most important thing, water bottle for me when I go on GW or spend lotsa time in front of Tashiboo.

And this is where I sleep.

And here's where Shoel sleep. I just love this thing. It has lotsa uses such as to carry Shoel anywhere, to lock him, to give him a place to sleep and as a torture chamber (combined with a hairdryer), just in case he misbehave.

Anyway, that's bout it.
Oh yeah, I just noticed. Lotsa stuff that I have is in yellow. Funny thing is that I'm not a fan of that colour. Talk about irony eh?


noblemien said...

haha.. thx for the credit. i noticed that just before i read the caption. hehe :)

Musica said...

hahaha good on ya my young grasshopper... ^_^