Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Little Pain

If this won't happen, that would have the chance to be.
If that is against other people's will, this would have happened.
If I keep on wondering about 'If', nothing would happen.

Finally, I managed to confront it. To confront her. It would be a sad ending of a story of my life, which I reluctantly end. I just don't want it to happen. I was afraid of it happening. But it happened. It was partly my fault as well as circumstances. Yeah, I might be happy but am I happy wholeheartedly? Even if I try to do something about it, nothing would I gain from it. All she wants was me to be happy, she said. Which I know that is not what she wants. And it breaks my heart knowing that. Tears won't do any good.

Am in mixed mode.

I just can't lose the essence of the story I once told to myself. The romance of what would be too good to be true.

1 comment:

ah^kam_koko' said...

You finally did it, eh?
Good for you, bro...

We shall share a light when we meet again.