Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wunan's Journey

Okay, this is to give a pictorial overview of Wunan's journey since he was out of AMC, the private vet, last Monday.

Here, he was enjoying the ride and KFC during the trip to UPM's pets' clinic. Comfortably hanging around Nesa's feet munching a big portion of KFC.

He had to stay a night at UPM and the next day, me and Star went to pick him up.

He was restless in the cage and keep on pleading to be set free.

Look at his bandaged right arm. I had to make sure it must not get wet and he had to be put on cage arrest for 2 to 4 weeks.

Here, he's in the newly bought cage, much to his disdain. But later on, I had to take out the sandbox and the food bowl as he will sleep on both of them. Then I have to put the box every 3 hours in the cage for him to do his business and take it out again. And yeah, had to take him out of the cage for feeding, drinking and petting time. Every 3 hours too.

Eton and Sho'el were jealous of him coz Wunan got a special treatment, and that includes a spanking new CAGE!!!!! ^_^ Shoel was camera shy this time tho.

His medicine. One liquid medicine that was needed to be administered once, A big blue pill that I have to smash it before I force it into his mouth and a small orange pill, to be forced into his mouth. the pills are taken twice a day, a pill each. He hates it.

After a feeding session. He was resting on my lap. He'd do it for hours. But honestly, he jumped rite after this picture taken. Luckily I managed to grab him before he landed. This sneaky boy, he never realized that he has a broken arm.

That's bout it. He will always crying and pleading to be let out of the cage. But too bad he has to endure it for another 3 weeks.

On a side note, this is wut happen when u drink and drive:

Moral of the day, don't drink and drive, u'll spill ur drink.
(Adapted from Fear's Don't drink and drive, U'll spill your beer)


ah^kam koko' said...

WuNan get's VIP treatment in the penthouse!

The cage looks quite nice!
I'll share the cost of it...
I'll pay for half of it coz my cat will need to use it after I neuter her...

Musica said...

Haha, don't mind the cage. Got it for 60.