Sunday, June 29, 2008


Being in this old rickety house definitely defines me as a definite loser. Not only this seven floored house is haunted, but the ghosts of the past haunts me too. They won't disturb much at times but these fellas just know how to strike and act at the worst of times. Having much of bitter memories locked deep in my skull, these Casper wannabe are having a great time haunting me, torturing me, disturbing me at nites, pulling my legs in the morning, clawing my hearts out in the toilet, and scratching me to bleed on the bed. Should I call a ghostbuster? Did that before, didn't work. Should I call a shaman or a witchdoctor? Waste of money. How about a medium and have a talk with these ghosts? I'm a medium myself yet these ghosts are so smart that they just knew how to get around things. SHIT!

I want to move a new house, to a better house. But I know, even if I move away from this old fucking house, the ghosts will always follow me around. Will always haunt me back. Will always torture me. Fuck!

I guess I need to find a C4 and detonate my self. BOOM!


ah^kam koko' said...

Call ah^kam_koko'...
I got the sweet Jesus to kick their transparent asses away!

See thing wing?
You are under it!

noblemien said...

detonate yourself with C4..? hmm which part of your body wud it be..?? i wonder.. btw, ghosts are everywhere. even friends can be quite like haunting ghosts sometimes..

Musica said...

koko: Smelly wing? I'll kick their arse so hard that it'll kick the moon.

Mimien: my pussy? lawl, i dun have any...