Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting started.

Pame, u want an update?
Here's one randomness of Nas.

I think I need a small white board and markers in my car. One thing I've learned during the holidays is that since I drive a lot through heavy traffic, and I keep on seeing Nas-certified girls on the road, whether on the road side or in the next car. So might as well I write something like 'Thanks for gracing me with your beauty' or 'Here's my phone number....' or 'Fuck off you fucking blowjob!' to those that never understand what courtesy on the road means. Am thinking of bringing a carton of eggs to be thrown at those imbecile that makes me almost hit others too. Anyway, you'll be surprised to see how many Nas-certified girls that I've encountered during the traffic jams.

Oh yeah, speaking about Nas-certified, I got a date with a D-certified girl! In fact, she's the first D-certified! Its a wonder when I randomly asked lotsa girl (more than 20 I guess) for a date with me, only 2 says okay. Too bad I'm not that popular like I used to. >_<

But on the bright, one of them is THE FIRST D-CERTIFIED! and the other one is one of my favorite too. One of the highest ranking Nas-certified girls.

Update on Wunan:

He's becoming a puppycat!

Hahaha! Look at him!

Anyway, later I will brag bout my new Gundam Kyrios that I've finished after 3 weeks and H/Allelujah, thats for u!

Musica wrote something the other day on a piece of paper but I left it somewhere in KL. Will post it up later.


ah^kam koko' said...


Enjoy the D-certified time!

I might have to start looking for some J-certified time myself!

Pame Finess 26 said...

woahahaha!whiteboard & marker not going to work. All U need is a remarkable smile & SIGNAL & eye contact.

AND the traffic light & jams is sooo cool when A hot lady driver is zooming next to u heh.

Musica said...

Koko: It's waaay long before that happens..

Pame:Well, smile n eye contact done. Needs more noicing lawlz

Pame Finess 26 said...

Aw cmon!hahahaha.

Maybe I should do some P-CERTIFIED after J-Certified & D-Certified.hahaha.

ANyway, Wunan looks like hahahahahahahah!funny.If I have lady meow, maybe I would want to recommend Wunan.But, yalah, I only hv baby-boy gf already.huh.

Musica said...


Maybe I should patent the D-certified term...

Lol, wunan can be a gay tooo ^_^

I do not mind much bout my kids' orientation.