Tuesday, June 10, 2008

M needs an inspiration.

Okay, I think M really need and inspiration. He havent write for a long time. His rhymes is getting old and if he wants to publish his rhymes, he gotta think fast and creative. And yeah, there's a high chance of him needed to write a script urgently.

Maybe you people out there should help him?

He would surely credit u guys. Erm, how bout a photo, a story or anything you could think of.


I need to get ready early tomorrow. Gonna go back home and settle things.

Should I or should I not be a gigolo?

I need the dough but it's hard getting a customer when u're not that famed enough.

Anyway, gonna sleep and toodles.

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ah^kam koko' said...

M usually comes up with good stories...
Perhaps M just need a little bit of M-antastic koko'?

Musica said...

Erm, do book with Mien, my pimp, for the M-antastic session.....