Sunday, June 1, 2008

Graduating Cats

Graduation day for Cohort 1 seniors and oh my, most of the Cohort 1 girls are hot! I mean hot hot! ^_^
Well, it was nice to see them in their robe and getting their certs (even though I know that the real cert from IPBA arrive at the guard house hours after the event started).
As for Wunan, sent him to a medical centre and got him on IV drip and he's warded. He's supposed to undergo a surgery this morning but looks like he injured his liver and thus affecting his blood, making him not suitable for surgery. He had to had his liver stabilised and warded until Monday before the surgery. The thing is, we cant afford it. I prefer for him to be put to sleep coz he might suffer too, even after the treatment and our wallet will be as good as dead. And we couldnt just take him home and hope that he'll recover by his own.
And worst thing is that Eton is in heat. Her pheromones are affecting Sho'el and there's a number of times they almost fucked. Damn. Not yet 5 months and they are horny. It's like a 13 years old couple having sex. They are in their early teens!
Why does each of the cats knows how to trouble u at the same time?


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like father like daughter~~