Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain is forever my soul

Yesterday, was the sports day for IPBA, our teacher training college. And since we're not participating anything and the system and it's management were bad, we decided not to go. And yes, we slept until 11.30am. Fed the kittens, watch a movie with Jarod and played Xbox for a while that we didn't realize that it was almost 4. We had to went to Bangsar for the kittens' food but at the same time we felt like taking pictures. So, we told Manan that we're gonna go to Empangan Batu to take pics and see if he wanna tag along. And he said yes. So we rushed to Bangsar, went back to IPBA, pick up Manan and Jarod (who's very much interested) and straight away drove to Selayang. But it was bad timing coz it was nearing 5pm and the traffic was hell! It took us more than one hour to arrive at Ulu Yam road. Since it was rainy, and the place got dark early, we decided to go to Kak Mieza's house. There she said why not we go to this one big flyover near her school and since it's raining, the sunset must've look different than normal. We agreed and went there and took some neat pictures almost at the end of the flyover, coz there's no place to park! And still, it's really at the road side. So we and manan took out our babies while Jarod, being a gentleman, hold an umbrella for Kak Mieza....and Manan too. We was under the rain the whole time with our babies! No worries coz we love rain. And we gets better when the rain poured on us! Rain ftw!
So, here's the pics that we took.

See that blue surau? The school is next to it, well the other side, not in the pic.

We told u we're at the roadside...

Obviously we're not in the pic.... >_<

We crossed the road and tried to get pics of something else, but this is the best imo.

But the best part for us is when we tried to take pics from our seat, then Kak Mieza wants to be our model, thus these pics.

So we tried to get pics of her waiting for a car or sumtin..

Then we got this pic, that somehow seems like the car stopped for her. Lawlz.

But we like this final pic very much! It seems like we were fighting with her, she got mad and tried to left us, leaving the car and trying to hitchhike. But the lorry just ignored her.


Well, even though we couldnt get pics at Empangan Batu, we still got these cool pics!
It's a success we think. ^_^


Gonna put these pics up on our fotopages soon. Maybe soon. But sooner or later!


We wonder what's happening to nas....

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ah^kam koko' said...

I had a great time hanging out with fellow photo enthusiasts!

p/s: I slept in the living room of our apartment even though I woke up early in the morning for sports day...
I changed my mind in the last minute...