Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Se7en

I've been using the words Lucky Se7en times and times again. And most of the time people have guessed wrongly wut or who my Lucky Se7en is. Its been more than a year since I started to use those words. And until now, only one person who have guessed correctly wut or who is Lucky Se7en to me. It's somehow funny to see how certain people think that they are my Lucky Se7en, and it hurts me to say the white lie, by admitting it. Tbh, Lucky Se7en to me is a battery to me. Lucky Se7en energizes me when I'm very tired mentally and physically. Lucky Se7en has always been there for me. When I'm happy, sad, excited, depressed, calm, angry and when ever I need my Lucky Se7en, Lucky Se7en will always be there. But it is a bit different lately. Well, I guess it is not for long. Hopefully.

Heh, I guess people will keep on wondering and wandering, trying to know wut or who my Lucky Se7en is.

Well, I guess it will remain a secret between me and my Lucky Se7en. Or time will tell.


ah^kam koko' said...

i dont have to be your lucky se7en to be your friend, Nas...
I'll be your koko' when you need me...

.:nayzi.norman:. said...

koko'... ur so sweet.

I wanna be Nas' friend -- but I guess I'm just a pain in his bums. Lol.

Thanks, Nas, for taking care of me while you were still here. =)

Musica said...

Koko's so sweet!
*kiss koko's cheek*
Erm, izyan, u're not my pain in the bum.
But do remember my service is not free.