Friday, February 1, 2008

A legacy?

It's time to open my history pages and review on the 'playboy-ness' of us.

There was a time in IPBA when i was dubbed a playboy. It was not true back then. I was just one of the victims of circumstances. And seriously I wasn't playing with anyone's heart.

The word playboy refers to 'a philanderer who devotes himself to a life of "play" and typically refers to a man who has numerous brief sexual relations with women'(wikipedia,2008) and a 'wealthy pleasure-seeking man: a rich man who does not work and devotes himself to a life of pleasure without commitments or responsibilities' (Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

It does not apply to me at all, especially then. I wonder if the one who has a very 'aji no moto' type of lips knows who i was and wut i dealt with at that time.

Anyway, it is my past or maybe my legacy? lawlz.

I wonder if the 'aji no moto' lips knows how many girls i had had n still have relationship with since i was in Brisbane. In this context, relationship may refer to 'a specific connection between objects, entities or concepts' (wikipedia, 2008). It maybe of 'frens, family, lovers or some random ppl i met' type of relationships.

How bout this, I'll post some of their pics! (all girls, sorry guys! lmao) It'll be following the order of when I met them. These girls r my best frens in the world... We had had our ups n downs but idk.

This here is Sarah. She's one of the receptionist working at the Unilodge. Her boyfriend is a Malaysian. She has a sister, Lauren. Did not have her pic tho.

Next, this is my precious sis, Mieza!!
Just few months older than me but heck, she's still my big sis!

Next, this is Layla @ Loan. She's a german chick but is of Vietnamese blood. She's really cool and a trustworthy fren. Very protective of me and always reminded me not to be controlled by girls... lol She's a rapper n had been in Germany's MTV. Her songs r quite good!

The next one is Nanako or Nana!
A Japanese girl with Aussie's attitude and English proficiency level. She's fun, loves to poke me and she's Japanese! Wut more can i say?

Next one is Lin. She's the one that had changed my life to the point that Miss Kon is proud of me and wanting me to give talk to Cohort 5 students. I have lots to thank her.

Next is Si Budak Chumil. Or Izy @ Izyan. I have to take care of this girl for about one year, as requested by Bulost, her boyfriend. It is hard to look after this little girl. *bites Bulost n Izy* Note that I'm on the right hand side.

Next pic is of Taeko (left) and Hiroko (Right). Both of them r twins and Hiroko with her mum works at the restaurant that I worked at. Plz note that Hiroko is a fan of my poetry. Taeko and Hiroko r both wanting to study in some Ivy league uni in Califonia.

Next is Monica. A 28 years old Taiwanese that idolizes me. I mean idolizes like a fan idolizes his/her favourite singer/actor. Dont ask me why, I do not know.

The final pics is of my favourite precious little girls. Left hand side is Insyirah and right hand side is Fatihah. These r my nieces. Note that I'm their slave.

So, reviewing on all the above pics, do you still think I'm a playboy? The situation is still as similar as the time i was dubbed playboy. But does the title applies to me? I do not think so.


I'm bored tbh. And too tired coz of slaving myself to those two little munchkins. I wanna play GW later. So, yeah.


izzaty iz. said...

ramainye....bulih buat list neh.gile hot la nih (kununnye la..) fren to girls tuh mmg besh kan?(note that im one.)hahaha!!!dn woli...tak payah pk laa if ppl said u r playboy...sume dengki je tuh.hahahah!!!

n experience is the best teacher,kan?

Musica said...

yup yup
*nods in agreement*

i like girls now (say it like how ralph said i like men now in simpsons the movie)

Musica said...

OMG! i just realized that in those pics, i wore the same shirt in three of the pics!

izzaty iz. said...

u like girls.....i know i know....just,the way u say it, u used to like thinking mode)

but i love simpsons da movie!!!

n,u seem to have fav tshirt...takpe2...paham~~~~~hahah!

Musica said...

used to like boys? heh
never was n never will

izzaty iz. said...

its ok if u r straight then.


Musica said...

r u hoping for sumtin?

izzaty iz. said...

hm...susah tau kalau adat kaum nabi luth ni ramai sgt...esp kat ipba neh...kang i tlibat same.takot2~~~
dosa manyak neh.hahaa!!!

y?what r u thinkin?(*wink2*)

Musica said...

not thinkin anythin. cbf with it atm. hahaha

izzaty iz. said...

1 ques, what is cbf??cnt think of the meaning...ade gak cube2 teka but still xsure...atm tau laa...

Musica said...

cbf tu maksudnye x nak amek kesah atau x kesah. cbf adalah acronym bg satu ungkapan pasar bahasa inggeris yang slalu saye dan kawan2 online saya guna semasa kami di dalam online game. byk lagi yg kami gunakan. tp, utk penerangan cbf, cukup la sampai sini saja.

izzaty iz. said...

ok,means,agak btol yg saye fikirka...but,since i knw its an acronym,i wana knw what it stands for...hhahah~~well,its ok...tanak ckp takpe.

Musica said...

cbf = cant be fucked = cant be bothered

dun ask why not just use cbb instead of cbf.. i do not know

ah^kam koko' said...

I guess that makes You & I both...

I dont recall being dubbed a "playboy" in Malaysia but I was dubbed a "playboy" by a small group of ignorant Malaysian girls in New Zealand...
What's wrong with Malaysian girls??!!

Why do you have to assume that a man who has a close friendship with a woman is also having sexual intimacy with her?

buzz of & get a life...

Musica said...

There u go!
U said it koko!

blyn said...

chged ur life?? haha. wokie
I'll take tat as a compliment, thou ur description of me makes me sound like an ustazah , lagi with the tudung! hehehee

Musica said...

Lol it is a compliment. U look great in tat wat... XD