Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Knocked Up

Last nite, as boredom slowly took lead of me, we decided that a movie or two wouldnt kill. Knocked Up was chosen and even though it's one of the comedy flicks, it gave me quite an emotion. Basically it's about a fucked up guy who had a one night stand with a career-type-of-a girl and she got pregnant. The guy was a good portrayal of early twenties male that still hasn't got the grasp of the life that he wants to lead. Somehow it makes me think of how it could portrays me. Anyway, watching the movie makes me think about what will happen to me if I got knocked up. How would i handle it? How would we handle it? How would my baby looks like? And the most important thing, how would i support my child?

How would i support my child?

Marriage and cohabiting, to me, is the same thing. The only difference is the notion that your relationship is legal by the law and the law of religion. Both marriage and cohabiting means that we live with another person and support each other emotionally and maybe financially. And sumtimes we might end up having a baby or two. How would we support the child? A new phase of life is beginning and we can't be in the mindset of our joyous single life. We need to muck up and starts to think as a family person. The first thing we need to have, imo, is a financially stable life. Everything is money nowadays. And to raise a child, lots of money required. Medical bills, food, clothes, home, sundries etc. Would i have the money by the time i have a kid? That i do not know.

That I do not know

I do not know if i gonna have money when i got my first kid. But I do know that before i'm gonna make a kid, i have to have a matured point of view on life. Matured thinking is important imo. I would pity those couples that gets married early, having not knowing what to do, what must be done and how would they deal with problems they are going to face. Marriage is not about the fucking without guilt. It's about taking care of the life of another person's son or daughter. And taking responsibilities. If the mindset is still green, or in layman terms, not matured, i predict in 5 - 10 years, he or she will be saying sumtin like this, "marriage is like a violin, the strings are still attached, but the music is no more". And it will lead to divorce, and to the dark future of your child. And because of this, i'd prefer a couple to cohabit first, at least for a year, before thinking about marriage. Get to know your partner first, i mean really getting know your partner. And remember, its not about the sex, but its about another person's life. But still, sumtimes, after 30 years of marriage, u might not really know bout your partner.


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izzaty iz. said...

i never knw u r this mature..ur looks didnt show u r one.dn judge a book by its cover,yeah,its true.

but what if by cohabiting,ppl get bored to each other?or one change when other party hope he/she will not..or after marriage,only then the true self emerge?

i have lots of ques...i really do.

Musica said...

one thing for sure, deal with it when the time comes. even when u've planned it, something unexpected will always happen.

kayNe said...

once a senior told me-u dun necessarily have to get married. marriage doesnt complete u, u know?

tp i stil havent thot about this deeply kot. all i know is that i want to spnd the rest of my life with someone i love. gues if i really wnt sth to happen i can make it happen kot?

Musica said...

anything u want, can be achieved if u have the heart for it...

marriage doesnt complete u? it all depends on how u deal with the significant other.. when the time comes

ah^kam koko' said...

I'm glad your thinking about your future, Nas..

I'm sure when the time comes, Nas..
You will do the right thing..

Soon you'll be able to make money for a family anyway...

Musica said...

Yeah, hopes tat it'll turn out ok.. for me n everyone else...

izzyzatt said...

*praying for u*

Musica said...