Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ash Like Snow

I know i'm supposed to do my 'not-so-last-minute' asgmt by now... But being one of the QUT cohort 2 boys, it is 'un-qut-boys-like' to do asgmt unless its 5 hours more to submit... lolz.

I downloaded a song from Gundam 00, titled Ash Like Snow.. Nice music by The Brilliant Green.. N great lyrics. I have here the meaning of the lyrics in English, being it is a JRock song.

English Lyrics:
An ebony darkness that dyes the sky red
Swallowed the stardust
Ash like snow falls and accumulates briefly

I gazed at the window of grief
I never dreamed
Freezing onto it
there... I come for you

My thoughts soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
Every time when this world changed its shape
It destroyed
The things that I wanted to protect

An immoral darkness crowds my heart
Like anesthesia, your voice
Coldly steals away my sensations

Even if I pursue contradictions
They won't end
Why do I fight?

Even if light vanishes
And this Earth is corrupted
I won't forget
Your little wish
Guides you to the place where it must be at

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear...
why I have to fight?

These thoughts of mine soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
In exchange for the glory of opening up the darkness
I lost the things that I must protect
(It's falling from your sky)
It's too futile
(Baby I come for you)

Every time when I got hurt by the smashed up pieces
My closed heart
Chose to be strong
And came here

There... I wonder when i'll start my asgmt...


ah^kam koko' said...

It was great doing the assisngment next to you on the balcony of our neighbour's appartment!!

Musica said...

It's my pleasure too koko