Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Action, Reaction"

People, or I'd rather say humans are a dynamic creature..

wouldn't you agree?

A stimulus, would always invites reactions from these humans.

"Action, reaction. Action, reaction", like a weird guy I met in Brisbane would say everytime i met him.... yes, EVERYTIME.

* * *

A colleague said to me today, for a guy to make sure a girl is true and honest to you, borrow from her a sum of money, and keep doing so, until u've borrowed 2K from her.. and IF she did lend u the money, she's for the keeps. And make sure you pay her back when your heart is at ease..

I beg to differ.

Past experience had taught me that it wont be the case.

"Action, reaction"

* * *

A rivalry in the office would lead to a hypocritical atmosphere. And when the rival left, all hell will break loose, provided the rivalry is of the higher ups.

And gave me an extra head ache to deal with.

"Action, reaction"

* * *

Despite the beliefs of some, despite the symbolization of the fashion worn, some people would always be the one they aspire or believe they aren't, consciously or unconsciously. And thus proving how strong or how weak their determination or their beliefs.

"Action, reaction"

1 comment:

ah^kam_koko' said...

Nobody is perfect.
Sometimes the reaction to the actions are not perfect as they should be.
But one thing is for sure...
A reaction is guaranteed.